HELP! Getting dropped on my club ride!

Hello fellow TR users,

I’m a keen weekend warrior who regularly participates in my Sunday club ride.

The Sunday club rides are very tough for me(over TSS 260+ and IF 0.88-0.9), they consist of:

  • 3-3.5hrs of riding (100-115km with 1500m elevation)
  • fast rolling pacelines over rolling terrain
  • shorter punchy climbs, anywhere from 8-10 minute climbs (4.5-5w/kg climbs). I am able to climb well for the first two, but will struggle with the remaining one or two climbs
  • several surges (above 600w for a minute) in which the stronger riders try to shed other riders (with myself usually being dropped) and form a faster breakaway (racing to the coffee shop!)

I don’t have any intentions to race, I just want to make the final group on my club rides! Maybe one day being the rider who puts the hammer down on them!

My question is, should I follow the traditional phases (i.e. base/build/spec) or will I be better off selecting my own workouts that mimic the intensity of my club rides (workouts like mt hale/bashful/over-unders)

I feel that I have a decent base (4w/kg) and have been following the low volume sustained power build plan.


To get the most benefit from your training, it is best to follow the Base, Build, Specialty progression. Based on what you have described the rides as, I would recommend the following progression:

  1. Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2
  2. Sustained Power Build
  3. Rolling Road Race Specialty

Doing these will help you get out there and show your friends how to ride a bike…fast! :wink:

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