Which Plan NOW? - Please

I’ve just completed SS Base Medium Volume 2 (Did 1 before) In the medium there are 5 workouts and I probably swapped half of the Saturday High Intensity Workouts for Road Cycling and All the Sunday ones for Road.
Based on other advice on here - as I have loads of time until the season starts. I am planning to do General Build - then SS Base II then Sustained Power. (Mainly TT Events but do Club Racing also.)

My question is?

  1. If I am going to do road cycling Sundays and some Saturdays am I best to chose General Build Low Volume 3 days a week and add two weekend rides or Chose Medium Volume and substitute weekend rides when I go outdoors.
    2, Is the planned program progression right? General Build - then SS Base II then Sustained Power. (I want to work on my 'kicks and vo2 max more for club races but primarily 10 and 25 mile tts).


p.s. Both Ramp Tests so far from base plans I got exact same result 255w ftp… so actually happy enough I retained it during base but hope to see an increase in the coming months.

Looks like you’re right on track with your planning. Personally, I like to do Medium Volume even if I replace my weekend rides outdoors. This way I can see what the intent of the workout is and if possible I try to mimic that outdoors. For instance if my Saturday workout has various intervals at 10 mins, then maybe I throw those in outdoors. It won’t be a perfect match, but it’s in the same spirit. Additionally, if the weather or schedule doesn’t allow me to ride outdoors I can always do the workout in doors.


Thanks. The Saturday and Sunday rides on road tend to be with Club so it is hard to structure them for my personal goals but Saturday tends to be quite hard and Sunday easier. TSS shoots up too if I do both days 3-4 hours so leaves me quite fatigued following week. Maybe I would be better going out on my own Saturday and replicating indoor goals or just doing turbo.

Just out of interest why does TR recommend to do SSBase - Build- then SS Base - Build if you have additional time to train rather than SS Base - SS Base then Build

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I want to know this too. I see this has been posted:

But I’m wondering how far you can take this. Can you go base/build/base/build/base/build/base/build etc

And should you always do base I and base II then start this base/build loop?