Which Specialty plan?

I’m halfway through Sustained Power Build, having already finished SSB1 and 2. I’m not interested in racing but do like pushing myself on weekend group rides. I live in Hong Kong and the riding here is usually 10-30 minute climbs, and then coasting down the other side. So I usually try to peg it at FTP on the climbs.

Which Specialty plan is best for me? RRR has lots of surges and attacks, which usually don’t happen in my group rides. But 40KTT seems like it might be overkill.

FWIW, I started structured training in June, raised my FTP from 220 to 260 over that time, weight is about 93kg.

For weekend rides, I can suggest to go for Sustained Power Build plan first. Then you can incorporate either Rolling Race or Century Plans during your rest of the year. Done this before and worked perfect.

If you’re not racing then you don’t necessarily need to do Specialty. Those plans are more about sharpening up race-specific fitness, if you just want to get stronger on group climbs then cycling through Base and Build may be a better option.

I would say that training over FTP can really help pull your FTP up. So even if your riding is all pretty steady then certainly worth incorporating a good amount of work at least at VO2 Max, if not higher. I don’t know the HK cycling scene, but I’d also bet there are other groups out there where the pace is less steady and people are using those shorter climbs to attack. Even if it’s a no drop ride it can be fun (and a great workout) hammering it a bit on some of the climbs.

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Thanks for your advice - I’m sure that there are those attacking rides out there, but right now I’m usually last up the climbs in my group. So sticking with the group is my priority at this point. But I agree that VO2 might be a good way to keep growing FTP.

Ah, in that case definitely better to ride the climbs steady and minimise any time losses then! Save the VO2 stuff for the trainer or solo rides. Stick with the plan, before you know it you’ll be middle of the pack. At 93kg I’d guess you’ve got some improvements that can be made on the weight side of the equation as well, for the kind of riding you’re doing that would make a significant difference.