Help editing training plan

I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr and started a structured plan for the first time ever. Before this I would just ride for fun and fitness, which to me meant one hard group ride on the weekend (2-3hrs, 250-300tss, 20-22mph avg in a group hammering it), a second 1hr-1.5hr hard ride during the week (either intervals up a short but steep hill or a ~40 minute climb with a power decent), and a third ride that’s whatever I felt like at the time.

I don’t race competitively but have entered two events for fun: Sea Otter Classic circuit race at Laguna Seca and have just added a criterium in August.

When I used plan builder initially I selected low volume, beginner, criterium, and had only entered the Sea Otter race in April. When I later added the August criterium to my calendar no workouts populated after the April event. Both events were set as A events.

Is it possible to edit the initial plan (how?), or do I need to delete it and recreate a plan with both events (showing the longer timeline), or do I create a second plan which starts right after the April event? I started the plan on December 1st and have in sweet-spot base workouts for the last two weeks. If I delete the plan and recreate one will I have to restart the base section of the plan again? And if that were to happen would I want to select intermediate or advanced so it puts more time into the build phase? How much should I monkey with this vs just let it roll until the April event?

@Kevin123, welcome to the forums! I believe your only option is to start fresh and delete/add a NEW plan that includes BOTH events… BUT when you add in the new plan though, you can backdate it to 12/1 so the original bits of the SSB block you initially started with isn’t lost and/or you won’t have to restart.

EDIT: Rereading your post a little a second time, you probably COULD also just add on an additional plan after the April event as you mentioned, as those A events are several months apart. If you go that route, I would suggest deleting the August event off your calendar, then re-add it when you build your secondary plan in PB. It may have no ultimate effect when you add the 2nd plan, however!

Other, more experienced TR users MAY have other options for you to try as well! Good luck with your training!

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Yeah, I don’t know if there is an easy “extend” feature.

One hack that might be worth a try before nuking the current plan, would be to change the date of the A-event that is the end of your current plan. Change that to the date of your new event in August. I have no idea if Plan Builder with refresh to fill that space, but it might. If it does, you can re-add your April event to the calendar afterwards.

I think what I done earlier this year for a plan that I wanted to extend to September (the end of the UK TT season) which had originally ended for an A event in June, was to retrigger plan builder (I done it by adding a dummy event pre June but I know there’s other possibly better ways), keep the current A event for June and added a New A event for September. My memory is really hazy, I might have in fact moved the original June A event to September (renamed it) and added a new June A event. What ever I’ve did plan builder refreshed to fill the plan.

Whatever I did, I did it again in June when I re-entered that event for the following year. I’m not 100% convinced extending the plan like that is optimal athletic performance wise for me but it works :neutral_face: