Adding an A event to plan builder

I just registered for the Wilmington whiteface 100k mtb race scheduled for this June. I had already started plan builder 2 months ago for my previous race schedule, and I just started strength build phase this week. An opportunity arose to do this race and my goal is Leadville in 2021, so this would work perfectly. So no another races are of real priority at this time. When I plug in my new A race (whiteface 100), it doesn’t rework my plan accordingly. Do I need to delete my current plan and then do plan builder again with my new schedule to ensure an optimum training schedule to peak for whiteface in June?

Any ideas? I could just delete my current plan but I’m afraid it will make me do another block of base, I just got done two base blocks and was looking forward to a change and doing the strength build.

I definitely would not delete the present one and back dating the start of a new plan doesn’t work seamlessly. Instead, I’d look at how the plan builder handles your present A race and make similar adjustments around this new one. It’s not perfect, but is probably better than alternatives, but hey, I don’t really know. That is just what I would do.

I did consider that. I’m also in the process of building a new plan. I believe I can do so without deleting the old plan and then see how the two plans compare and go from there.

have you tried contacting trainerroad support?

they might be in a better position to assist you :slight_smile:

At the moment, your best option will be to delete your current plan and re-build it according to your new priority event. You’ll set the start date as the date when you started training this season so that Plan Builder can account for the training you’ve done thus far. This isn’t a perfect solution, but at the moment it is the best way to re-calculate for a change of events.

In the future, we want to make it possible to automatically recalculate anytime you add, delete, or edit your target events, which would make this process much simpler, but we do not have an ETA for this feature at the moment.

Feel free to reach out of you have any more questions!