Adding events to training plan

I have set up a training plan via plan builder which has a ‘C’ event in April and ‘A’ event in June. I have now found an event in May that I wish to add as a B or C event. Am I able to adjust this in the plan builder or start the plan builder over again?

Just put the new event in your calendar, and plan builder will ask if you want to adjust your plan.


Doesn’t seem to work. It asks if I want to Amend but then when I am in the screen to add or adjust races the ‘next’ button is greyed out.

I have manually adjusted it myself to ease up a day before and day after the newly added B race.

Also for my A race I am doing a 100 mile ride with 11,000 ft climbing with most the climbs being over 10%-25%. I have opted for SSB 1 & 2, sustained PB and climbing road race specialty. Does that sound about right?

I am fairly used to this type of distance so aim is to set a competitive time.