Has anyone taken phosphatidylserine (for cortisol reduction / better sleep)?

Around two month ago (middle of March 2020) I listened to a podcast (don’t remember if it was The Peter Attia Drive Podcast or another one) where the host remarked to take phosphatidylserine after late exercise for better sleep (guess due to lowered cortisol) iirc.

I have no experience with phosphatidylserine but would be interesting to hear if anyone has used it or has some more information on it. Am I missing something?

Maybe also worth a discussion in the podcast @chad? Or @Nate_Pearson…I could imagine you’d be interested in the topic?

At least there seem to be some promising studies out there (whereas the number of participants for the cortisol studies could have been higher…).

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Not at all useful to your question and perhaps a bit tongue in cheek however the first image that came up that I googled says possible side effects include insomnia

I have experimented with it substantially. I have seen no improvements in my sleep due to phosphatidylserine (PS). My specific sleep issue is one of frequent awakenings throughout the night. I initially thought this was due to cortisol spikes, and thus hoped that PS would come to my aid.

I expect some may benefit from it, but I think it depends quite a bit on the etiology of your sleep difficulties.

Generally, I remain skeptical of how much of an impact PS can have on sleep, as I don’t think its role as a cortisol antagonist has been well described.

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Found the article to that image here:

Some points about assumed benefits but also noting side effects (also with other medication) and concluding that more research is needed and you should still stay cautious.
Might try the natural food route (for example soy).

Thanks for sharing your experience :pray:.

Can relate to that. Feedback like yours is what I am looking for.

It was. I also listen to this podcast and its pretty good, most of the time. He kind of mentioned it in passing though and the best practice is just to not workout close enough to bed time where it would affect your sleep. The TR podcast has covered this (I don’t remember which episode though) and discussed some natural solutions to prep the body before bed time if you don’t have a choice to workout earlier.


Thanks for confirming! Yes it was just some short by the way mention and so I put it on my list to see if the TR forum had some more to say. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.