Has anyone had success building an AT plan that starts on Sunday?

I’m trying to build my new plan for 2023 with workouts Sun/Tues/Thurs instead of Tues/Thurs/Sat so I can use my free day on Saturdays to work on long Z2 rides. In building my plan, I want to move my days so that:
TR Tues workout → Sunday
TR Thurs workout → Tuesday
TR Sat workout → Thursday (I have more time for the longer “weekend” rides on Thursday than any other day)

When I build the plan, it counts my first Sunday ride as “week 1” with only that one workout in the week, then truncates everything else so I only end up with 5 weeks in SS1. Then starts the subsequent blocks on Tuesday again even though I’ve gone through and manually rearranged every block to follow the Sun/Tues/Thurs schedule. I’ve done this both on the app and on the website with the same results. Is there a trick that I’m missing? Or a workaround, other than building it on the standard schedule and rearranging individual workouts on the calendar?

In plan builder you have to toggle on “set training days…”

Then you can set up each block

It still uses the standard week as the basis for the blocks. It would be great, if you could start any day of the week without the artificial week blocks. If you start your training in the middle of a week it will just cut this week short without any reason IMO. If this wouldn’t be special cased in the trainerroad code it would be much nicer to use (so just start the block whenever you choose to start it and then build the weekly blocks from there).

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As mentioned, there’s no easy or integrated way to set the start of the week to anything other than the Monday default. There is an old Feature Request asking for the ability to allow users to set the week start day.

You can comment there and “vote” for it. I can also merge this thread there if people think that is beneficial.


I’m fine if you want to merge it in to the other thread. My question has been answered so if it helps bubble up the previous request for TR to consider, I’m all for it.