Changing "Beginning of Week" Day and Scheduled Workout Days

I realize you can change things manually in the training calendar, but are you able to change things on a MACRO level?

For example, when I started my plan it was a Tuesday. And I guess I made Tuesday my 1st day of the week. Now I would like Monday to be my first day of the week for the rest of my training plan.

Similarly, let’s say my workouts are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday consistently. How might I change my Thursday workout to a Friday workout without individually dragging each workout to the Friday spot?

Thanks everyone. I realize I’m being super picky with the interface. Just want to know if there is already a feature in place that can help me.

If you used Plan Builder, click on the start of your plan and it should let you rearrange the ride days.

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Thank you so much!

Can’t you do that during the build of the plan?

I’m trying to do this and don’t see where to change the days of the week :pensive: I can see how to edit the plan name and see block details, but nowhere to change the default workout days.

EDIT: OK, I found it. You have to click on the Base/Build/Specialty buttons at the beginning of each phase in the calendar and that lets you set the days of the week for each phase individually. Hope this helps other clueless souls like me in the future!