Has anybody purchased a Lactate Meter or Strips?

Curious if anybody has spent the money on a Lactate meter (https://lactateplusmeter.com/index.php/lactate-plus-meter-26.html) or on the more affordable Lactate Test Strips (https://lactateplusmeter.com/index.php/lactate-meter-test-strips-31.html)

I’m curious how well they work, and how you might use them in conjunction with an FTP assessment (or perhaps some other protocol) in order to understand your personal lactate inflection points.

I asked a similar question on the Google Wattage groups. Got a few responses that might be helpful



thanks for the reply!

I have had a lot of lactate testing done and have debated getting one for myself. My main hesitation is that I don’t think it will be easy to do to yourself. Ideally you would rub some alcohol on the finger, poke yourself, take the measurement, put a new strip in the meter. I don’t see myself being able to do this while working at 120%+.

The protocol we always used was a ramp test but with either 3 or 4 minute steps. Then you could see how your lactate level reacted at each step and when you graph it out you should see two turn turning points. Nice thing with this test is that once you see your lt1 and lt2 you can stop the test you never have to go to failure.