Lactate Meter - anyone own one?

Does anyone own a lactate meter that they use for testing? I am considering getting one, rather than upgrading my (decent yet boring) aluminum bike. I get that the test strips are expensive, but the cost of the meter and (self) testing would be less than hiring a coach.

It seems to me that the first threshold where we switch from FatMax to majority carbs and the second inflection point at threshold where there isntoo much lactate or hydrogen in blood to tolerate increased power are really the two metrics that most coaches/plans are trying to work from or approximate through the use of watts and HR. Everything I read and listen to lately seems to reinforce the fact that the watts and HR outputs are being used as proxies for these two lactate levels.

Does anyone use a LM to test their zone 2 watt/hr at begining of zone two workouts? Has it helped?

Does anyone use the second lactate threshold to guide intensity intervals while doing a TR workout indoors?

I get that there are other intensities to do, but i could experiment with SS after making sure that I am in Zone 2 for 60-90 minutes, or taking a day off when HR is too high for z2 lactate, for instance.

I listened to a TPeaks pod recently in which they recomend using 5-10 minute ramp levels while self testing with a lactate meter, so that HR and Lactate can settle to a representative level, rather than getting artifcially low numbers because 3 min ramps don’t allow HR and Lactate rise to the new plateau of the recent intensity.

This self-test would probably cost $10-15 in strips and coukd be dine every few weeks to set HR and Watts levels. Then, a daily z2 check with the LM would be about $5.

The meter is $550ish. Does anyone go this route instead of hiring a coach, or as a way to guide intensities in a TR plan? In other words, does anyone adjust intensity of TR workouts after lactate testing the important work rate in a given interval from TR, whether endurance or yhreshold, or VO2?

Thanks for any input in advance. Want to focus on doing base and losing weight gained while sedentary for 5 years following years of racing in my youth. It just seems like this is the way to make sure training is doaled and to make sure metabolic health is decent.

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There’s a long thread here. Definitely worth a read before dropping $550.

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