Set FTP to Ramp Test Results or Lactate Threshold Results

I did a lab based lactate threshold test yesterday and the results were lower than the results from my TrainerRoad based Ramp Test. My current ramp test puts me at 295 and the lactate threshold puts me at 260. I don’t really care that the lactate threshold puts me that much lower than my ramp test, but should I reset my workout FTP to the lower number? I’m concerned that the workouts are going to be too easy at 260, I am admittedly struggling with some of the Vo2 workouts at the higher number, but I’m not struggling 35 watts worth.

Not sure what to do…

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Was it a generic lactate where they said your threshold was 260 based on the 4mmol crossover? or an MLSS test?

I’m only mildly familiar with the lactate testing procedures so I’m not exactly sure. They did a 4 minute 30 watt stepped ramp test. They had a program they used to help define the lactate curve, but I think they used the inflection point where the graph became non-linear. For example at 290 watts my lactate was 4.8 and at 320 it was 8.something. I think at 260 it was around 2.8 or so, I cant remember exactly.

TBH unless you are going to get a lactate test every time, I’d stick with the Ramp Test and perhaps use a slightly smaller adjustment factor (72% or 73% of the highest minute rather than 75%)

260 seems too low if they had you at 2.8


Use your ramp test FTP.

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