Self-Testing for LT1 & LT2?

I think a few of you do this, but I am having a hard time tracking down a good self-test protocol for marking my LT1 and LT2 (in accordance with Seller’s polarized model)

I have my own lactate meter and am able to do this.

I think it is something like increasing watts every 5 mins in steps of 25W and then plotting your two “jumps” - if anyone can share a link or experience they’ve had that works and gets reliable numbers, I’d appreciate it - thanks!


I know that you have to be doing this now. Curious how it is going? We have one coming this week and are going to start testing soon. I’m really curious why it hasn’t been mentioned, or I don’t remember, on the podcast. The pricing is very reasonable given what we all spend on components, coaches, and entry fees and no one talks about it. Seems to be it is a great investment.

I actually haven’t done it … do you have a good protocol?

I am looking for this too. There’s a few options. I’ve seen 4 minute steps and 5 minute steps. I read somewhere you need min 4 minutes for HR to settle :man_shrugging:

I think you can follow anything but finding the balance between too big of a jump and thus jumping over the LT1 and LT2 points and having vague results and too small of jumps which makes the test last hours and fatigues you too much, is key.

I have joined The Cycling Gym and Steve is about to post the details. Apparently there is a clearance step component as part of it.

NB a very good training resource. Paid subscription required.

I am not going to post Steve protocol to protect his time and paid model.

Here is a free resource that follows the same concepts.

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Oh me either. I should have made that more clear. I was just adding that he is saying there is a clearance component. So if you want to see what this is…you need to join to see for yourself. Hence the link I added.

I love what he is doing with the site. Training plans and your own calender you can add those plans to and then alter them around. Much the same as Trainer Road. No “app” and no ride analysis like Trainer Road etc though.

I see The Grim.

Hey. I thought you were working with Steve which is why I was asking. We have our lactate meter coming today and I’m going to put my wife through the testing next week and then myself. He has a protocol that is discussed on his forum so I assumed you had done it. May want to ask him if you’re still working with him.
Agreed I don’t want to post his protocol either due to the paid model of his forum.

Some good info here:

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I know this is old, but thanks for posting - a really useful edition!!