Hammerhead Karoo 3 (May 2024)


As a Wahoo user, why would I ever pay that much for this when I could get a 540 or 840 for less…not to mention there’s not much that’s updated.


Can I load a TR workout and have the bike computer control my smart trainer ERG with this?

It’s a Karoo 2 with better hardware specs at a higher price.
Meh unless they do something remarkable with a firmware update.
Solar would have been a worthwhile plus.


I’ve ordered one :smiley: I’ve been using the original Wahoo Bolt for a long while now.

The spec upgrade looks good and Hammerhead seem to push out regular updates so hopefully they do something with the extra horse power.

I’m really looking forward to getting turn by turn notifications on shared routes that don’t have cue sheets :rofl:


I think that’s a important thing to remember, it ok saying “it’s just a Karoo 2” but the Karoo 2 isn’t a Karoo 2 any more, if you were to take the Karoo 2 features at launch, and then get a Karoo 2 from today, they are significantly different beasts (even more so the original Karoo as Hammerhead don’t give up on their devices after they launch a new one

Although you should only buy the features that a device has now, it’s great to know that you will continueous get upgrades to the point that the Karoo 4 will get , it’s just a Karoo 3 coments

I had a Karoo 2 but got caught up in the “battery life, I want to charge once a month” comments and swapped to a 1040 when they came out, considering swapping back


Same here. Ordered mine yesterday immediately when I saw the first reviews :smiley:

Coming from Edge 1040 - don´t like 1040´s complicated menu-structure with millions of functions that I don´t use. My old eyes need a clearer to see nav-screen. Turn by turn navigation was a killer for me too. Why not try it?

When Garmin makes the Edge more user friendly, maybe I´ll change back. Maybe not if the Karoo works for me :wink:


That makes two of us :partying_face:

I get that if you have a Karoo 2 this doesn’t seem like a big change but I reckon coming from the Bolt V1 it’ll feel massive.

Also, when I watched DCRainMaker and GPLama’s videos the Karoo 3 seemed a lot brighter than the Garmin 1040 (or maybe it was the 840?), but maybe they just had different brightness settings for the devices :man_shrugging:

The 1040 screen was ok after I mounted an anti glare screen protection to it - but the way the navigation is displayed isn´t hassle free for my eyes when riding.

I´m just tired of all these garmin quirks and want something that is easy to use like my first wahoo experience I made with the Bolt when it was released, but with better navigation.

One of thousand negative Garmin moments: Planned to ride a route and you can´t change the route direction without a computer. Or is there a menu-point buried somewhere in the 1040 where I can change it? I don´t want to do detective work anymore :smiley:

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Very objective review in my opinion:

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Good to see more people wanting automatic ride type categorisation based on profile. I’ve been banging on about companies correctly setting sub_sport for a while now.


For sure it’ll feel massive! Going from the Bolt V1 to the Karoo 2 was a very big and nice change. I want to upgrade to the new Karoo - but can’t justify the cost when the K2 works just fine for me. I am hoping at some point in the near future they offer a trade-in program like they did for the K2…


Is there anything like Garmin Connect in the Hammerhead ecosystem?

Sorta. They have a web platform, the Hammerhead dashboard. On it you can:

  • Create/plan/view routes
  • View & do post-ride analysis
  • Connect 3rd party platforms (e.g. TrainingPeaks
  • Look at planned structured workouts (including from TrainingPeaks), and import structured workout files (but you can’t create a workout there manually)
  • Select a few settings, such as choosing which maps are downloaded to your device the next time it’s on WiFI

The main differences are there is no “Connect IQ” app like equal. Sure, you can manually sideload apps (and that’s cool), but that requires a fairly high level of technical skills (command line, etc…). Equally, it’s really about per-ride stats, nothing like total rides per week/month/etc…

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Arrived today

First thought (coming from a Bolt v1) “wow that’s massive!” :smile:

Thats not V3 is it ? From the pic it looks like a V1 (square and no hammerhead at the bottom)

No insult intended … just confused :slight_smile:

I think you’re right! How did that happen? Off to support I go …

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If the SKU is any indication then yes, it is a Karoo 1. Bit of a bummer that. Going through support process and then probably waiting a while for return and new unit :frowning:

Wait - you actually got sent a Karoo 1 unit from Hammerhead?!?

Said differently, when you posted it this morning and I first though it, I thought you were being funny with a touch of throwback. But you actually ordered a new Karoo 3 and got a Karoo 1?!?