Announcing Activity Sync with Hammerhead Devices! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Today we’re launching one of our most commonly requested features—Activity Sync with Hammerhead devices!

Activity Sync with Hammerhead

Activity sync with Hammerhead allows you to complete TrainerRoad outside workouts on your Hammerhead devices. It also allows you to import activities completed on these devices directly to TrainerRoad!

Getting Started

Activity Sync with Hammerhead is initiated from the Hammerhead dashboard. Head to your dashboard and click into the Accounts section. Scroll to TrainerRoad and click “Connect”.

You’ll be prompted to enter your TrainerRoad account and password, and asked for permission to push and pull data. Click “Allow” and your connection will be all set!

Pushing TrainerRoad Outside Workouts to Hammerhead Devices

Once your account is connected, any TrainerRoad workouts set to “Outside” will be pushed to your Hammerhead device.

Setting a TrainerRoad workout to Outside

For scheduled workouts, toggle your workout to “Outside” from the TrainerRoad app or from TrainerRoad on the web. The workout will automatically be pushed to Hammerhead 3 days in advance of when it’s scheduled on your calendar. When viewed on the web during this time you’ll see “Ready to be Pulled for Hammerhead”.

To manually sync unscheduled workouts without adding them to your calendar, click into the workout on TrainerRoad on the web (this feature isn’t available on the apps). Click “Outside” to switch the workout to the outside version, and then click the “Push” button to push the workout to your device.

Pulling and Completing TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Your Hammerhead Device

Once you’ve set up Activity Sync with Hammerhead, your Hammerhead device will automatically pull any scheduled or manually pushed outside workouts the next time it connects to the internet.

When you’re ready to train, head to the Workouts app on your device and open the workout you’d like to complete. Click “Follow Workout” to load the workout, and click the play button to begin.

For detailed instructions on how to complete an outside workout on a Hammerhead Karoo device, learn more at our article here.
For advice on setting up a custom workout screen on your Hammerhead Device, check out our help center article here.

Importing Completed Activites From Hammerhead

Any cycling activities completed on your Hammerhead device after you connect your account with TrainerRoad will automatically appear on your TrainerRoad calendar, once your Hammerhead device connects to WiFi.

Imported from Hammerhead

Past cycling activities completed before connecting your account can also be manually synced to TrainerRoad. From the dashboard, select the activity you’d like to sync, then choose “Sync to…” and select TrainerRoad.

To sync directly from your Hammerhead device, make sure the device is connected to WiFi. Go to the Rides app and open the completed activity. Scroll down to the upload section, select the TrainerRoad TR logo, and click the checkmark to confirm.

Disconnecting Your Hammerhead and TrainerRoad Accounts

You can disconnect Activity Sync with Hammerhead from your TrainerRoad account or from your Hammerhead dashboard. Previously synced activities won’t be deleted, but no new activities will be pushed or pulled.

To disconnect via your TrainerRoad account, Log in to on the web and head to your Account Profile. Select “Activity Sync” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, and scroll to Hammerhead. Click “Disconnect” and then confirm your choice in the popup that appears.

Disconnecting Hammerhead from TrainerRoad

To disconnect via the Hammerhead dashboard, go to and click “Accounts” in the left-hand menu. Scroll to the TrainerRoad item and click “Disconnect”.

To reconnect your accounts after disconnecting, redo the original authorization process from the Hammerhead dashboard.



Zero issues connecting my accounts…don’t have my Karoo 2 head unit with me to check it, but the TR calendar says it should be there when I fire it up.

Awesome…thanks setting this up!!


We love to hear it!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!


Let me take a look for you. Are you not seeing it on Hammerhead’s side or on TrainerRoad?

Remember to update your Hammerhead folks. New software update seem to have been rolled out today. Works well for me! I also set up a workout page like TR suggests, and I tried to push a few workouts to my Hammerhead to see how it looks both on the Dashboard and on the actual computer. Looks nice and I can’t wait to use it outside!


That’s strange! I’d recommend trying a hard refresh on your browser to clear your cache and reload the updated version of the page. If that doesn’t work, Hammerhead support is your best bet.

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Working from different browser, Thanks TR and all involved!


Nice job TR!

Didn’t work on Firefox, worked on Chrome



Woohoo! :tada:

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For some reason I can’t currently see the TR integration in the Hammerhead dashboard.

I’m sure it will be back soon. Can’t wait to use this.

Thank you TR team :sob:

A few others in the thread have noted they weren’t immediately seeing it in their usual browser, but saw after switching to another. Your browser cache may still contain the old version of the Hammerhead dashboard without the feature. If this doesn’t resolve it, I’d recommend contacting Hammerhead support. I’ve reached out to their team to let them know, as well.


I currently have TR and Strava synced. So my outdoor rides on Strava appear on TR. If I link my HH to TR, will I not see duplicate rides (Karoo to TR and Strava to R)?

You won’t see duplicates—we automatically recognize when multiple ride files are synced for the same activity and only post one to your calendar. On the ride’s detail page we’ll list all the sources from which it originated, like in the image I posted above (for a ride that came from both Strava and Hammerhead).

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Yep, works a treat. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for this!

Those who use it, what is the procedure to get it working in the middle of a ride? Let’s say I’m doing a 4h ride and halfway through I decided to do a 1h workout. How do I make sure that the workout is recorded in the 4h ride and gets started when I want? Thanks