SRAM acquires Hammerhead!

Big News!


I think an acquisition like this was inevitable…Hammerhead was always going to be underfunded vs. Garmin / Wahoo. At some point, their investors were gonna want to get paid.

Good move for them.


seems like a pretty good fit. hopefully gives the hammerhead some time to mature while being supported by a bigger company’s finances until they find their footing and become profitable.


I agree. I think this will be a huge blow to Wahoo computers. I wonder if this will be the nudge for TR to add outdoor workouts to the Karoo/Karoo2?


I think the question long-term will be if Hammerhead is allowed to move at the same pace (frequent updates, etc) or of that gets slowed due to being part of a much larger corporation that is looking to integrate that product into its larger product universe.

I don’t believe for a second what the press release says about letting Hammerhead to continue to do what it does. I’ve been around this game long enough to know that there will undoubtedly be major changes within a year.

But again, this is a good move for both companies. Can Hammerhead now leverage the resources of SRAM to expand their product line beyond one SKU? Multisport watches, etc.

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I agree. I am a bit sceptical after seeing what sram has done with powertap (nothing). And we heard the exact same things then that we are hearing now.


What a complete cluster that was…I still don’t understand what the point of that acquisition was, compounded by their acquisition of Time pedals.

So the primary PT product line is now dead and absolutely nothing has happened with the pedals while their competition has solidified their market share and new major players have entered (Garmin).


I was a big fan of powertap too. Still use P1’s and G3 hub that still work great. I constantly ready to replace them, but they just keep working. I’m also a big fan of Hammerhead and I’m not excited about this news. I still remember the head of quarq promising new power pedals.


Yeah, I am a longtime PT user. Been using their hubs since the days of the wired unit. :astonished:

Their stuff just worked. The killer for them was disc brakes. Their first disc hub was for MTB and poorly executed (QR). Once the adopted the current hub standards for road discs, they had lost significant share and the sale to SRAM came shortly thereafter.

I would have gladly bought one of the new PT disc hubs if I could have ever found one…but ended up getting a great deal on a crank-based PM and have never looked back. I still have a PT hub on my backup bike, though.


Hub based PMs seem silly nowadays, given the options available for spider/crank/pedal units, miniaturization of reliable electronics, and what I assume is the expiration of the original SRM patent/s.


I’m always a little bummed when companies are acquired but perhaps this will allow Hammerhead to compete with Wahoo/Garmin.

i guess SRAM needs to invest a lot to bring Karoos product anywhere close to Garmins and Wahoos devices. I was not convinced by the HH2 despite the fact that I always “root for the underdog” or love to have geek stuff not used by everybody else… but the HH2 simply was not a cinvincing product for me…

now I have a Garmin 530… not really a underdog device and used by plenty of others :slight_smile: But ok, i will root for any underdog who would come up with something usable

Another win for Lance Armstrong. He is doing really well in his venture capital fund.


I’ve never owned a wahoo so can’t comment there. But I have a 1000, 1030, and Karoo 2. I only use the K2 now because I view it as a better device compared to the garmins. It just works and every 2 weeks they add new features and actually fix the few bugs that are there. I think garmin fails in that they chase new features, but never fix their foundation. That attitude probably sells more devices, but it doesn’t make a good device.


I hope they will be as fast and open for updates and suggestions from their customers in the future.

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that is exactly what my Edge 830 before and my Edge 530 do now. I had some problem withe 530 buttons, exchanged and works fine.
I dont need new features every two weeks. The standard features and a broad compatibilty will do and in the edges case does.

As long as it won’t be run by their MTB brake division, should be a good thing.


Good! Let’s get some real innovation in the headunit space. I’m sorry, I’m just not convinced that we’re much further along than we were in the Cateye Wireless days, truly. We’ve got navigation/GPS, we can display some more data fields, but… I’m really not convinced we’re in another world up in terms of proactive, actionable data. We basically still have data displays. The possibilities for smart, connected HUs are so much higher than either Wahoo or Garmin have developed.

Or took a bath. Don’t they normally gloat about the wins?

Agree, I am still waiting for my headunit that shows where I am placing in my age group mid-race. :slight_smile: