Hammerhead Karoo does Workouts

My word they did something useful after two years of waiting.

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The update frequency on the Karoo is impressive. They’re really upping the value of the unit.

However… Interval/workout alerts is another reason this thing needs a speaker/beeper/something to make sound.

What never heard of Bluetooth?
We don’t need no stinking speaker!

Still got a lousy battery. No but yeah but no.

I’ll never buy the line of “Just connect a Bluetooth speaker” for this unit as a solution. And put it where? And remember to charge it. And remember to turn it on. And, oh shit, it fell off the bike. I’ll bang on about this until hw rev.2 comes out with a speaker.

So, does this mean I have to get TP account to load my TR sessions into and then link that to my Karoo? Is a direct link between TR and Karoo a possibility in the (near) future?

Hammerhead do tend to high klutz implementations. Doubt we will see TR sharing any time soon. TP sharing requires a login and upload of each workout. So god knows how this will work in practice.

Oh I am with you on the speaker. How are you supposed to warn of turns in GPS or intervals in workouts? All for a few cents on the build. I can’t use BT earbuds. So it is pointless for me.

Plus the battery really really is bad. I never got more than 5 hours

Not wanting to be unpopular in my first TR forum post, but I’m actually really enjoying the Karoo. I’m disappointed that it isn’t directly integrated with TR for workouts. I’m not sure what the procedure would be to get those from TR up on the Karoo … Hopefully I don’t have to recreate them, but I know next to nothing about structured workouts on head units.

So, with that being said (the fact that I mainly just ride outside), I will say that I was just thinking this AM that the Karoo has been such a perato improvement over the Garmin 1000. The maps are just a million times better and the performance of the unit and responsiveness of the touch screen is so far ahead of Garmin. Lack of beep for navigation is not as big a deal in practice as I thought it would be (but I think they should still put a speaker on their next iteration of this device). And the actual functionality of the nav is so much better than Garmin – especially with convoluted maps that overlap themselves – that I’ll happily take the lack of a beep. I don’t have an issue with battery. It lasts longer than the Garmin 1000 did when new, which is to say that I get 10 hours consistently, with sensors and a SIM card and “live track” enabled. That’s long enough and I have an external battery for the very long rides.

I’m glad they added structured workouts and hope that they’re able to continue to deliver features at the pace they’ve established so far in 2020.

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Welcome to The forum.
I liked the Karoo when I got it first about two years ago and the promised functionality had me hooked. But it never came and for the first year the navigation was unusable. If you went off course: bye bye turn by turn until you factory resetted it. The maps were not readable in sunlight. Better now. I persisted with it for a year but threw in the towel when it could not navigate for me in France last summer. It just wouldn’t load the maps. The real killer was the battery. I routinely do long rides I lost the ends of many of them when the Karoo died.

At one point I even side loaded TR on it but it couldn’t work the timing. It was jumping all over the place 5-10 seconds and the lag on control was massive. Also the Chadisms were huge fonts and unreadable. So that didn’t work either. I am more than happy now with my 530. Don’t need touch screens.

It is a thing of beauty but sadly not for me. I hope it goes well for you.