Karoo 2 Sideload Experience

I am considering upgrading to the Karoo 2 from my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V1 while they are on sale before the Karoo 3 eventually comes out and was curious if anyone has experience with using TR via a sideload onto the Karoo? It’s very compelling to be able to control the trainer with only the Karoo and free up my laptop completely for media. Thanks!

go for it, best device I ever owned after Bolt V1, Garmin 830&530.
I wrote a post in the Wahoo Ceo thread about it.

Sideloading works great: loaded Spotify, a Podcast App, and a Screen Dimmer onto the K2

I have not sideloaded TR though but dont see a reason it would not work fine


I’m curious to see if you tried it. Just looked at the new Karoo review and I’m interested.

Not sure the side load is necessary now that TrainerRoad directly works with Karoo?

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It would be nice to use the Hammer Head for indoor workouts instead of the phone or iPad.

I am skimming the original DCR Karoo 2 review, but that seems to indicate trainer control is possible.

The Karoo 2 supports syncing structured workouts from TrainingPeaks, enabling you to complete structured workouts both inside and outside on the Karoo 2. Moreover, it also supports ANT+ FE-C trainers, so it can automate these workouts for you on your smart trainer (all of them support ANT+ FE-C these days).

That coupled with the new TR workout integration seems like that would connect those dots?

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