Blood Doping Podcast

This is the podcast referred to by CyclingTips in their podcast. Crazy interview and extremely demoralising when it comes to the blood passport. One of the most honest interviews I’ve heard on doping. I’ll put it under training because it’s pretty much a how to DIY blood dope lesson😬

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Thanks for the link! Going to listen now. I heard the excerpts on CyclingTips and it was very interesting.

Honestly you forget they are talking about ski’ing till some weird ski term comes up vs. watts

It’s definitely eye opening. From a cycling perspective it does seem like it would be harder in a team environment because a lot more people would have to be complicit but I’m scraping the barrel for positives (pardon the pun) :grimacing:.

I think the interviewer makes a good point when he talks about showing his son the footage of the rider getting caught. That plus this interview would be worth showing young athletes that doping is an ugly process that could end with prison.

To start with I found the whole thing depressing.

On the other hand, his results didn’t really improve when doped vs clean.

I watched “Icarus” the other day and Fogel had his best Haute Route performance when he was clean as well (ok he crashed or had mechanicals or something when he was doped)

He mentioned his power numbers at one point and they went up substantially from doping (250 ftp to 325 ftp? if I recall)

Yeah I think this is what young athletes need to know. That the negative effects such as stress can outweigh any performance gains. He also says whenever he competed doped he got no satisfaction from his performance which is telling.

I agree. It’s depressing