Grapenut consumers unite!

I eat grapenuts. I put them in my yogurt. I put them on my ice cream sundae. I put them on my oatmeal. I put them in my meusli.

The fam is disgusted by them. I texted a pick of a grapenut box to my mom and she replied with a vomit emoji. I’ve never actually talked to anybody who liked them but there has to be a silent cadre of grapenut consumers out there. My contacts in Walmart tell me they pick at least one box of grapenuts every day.

Grapenuts have been around for over a hundred years. Somebody else has to be eating them. Speak up, grapenut lovers!!


Hard to find but get them when I can. Yum! You are not alone :wink:

I put it in my shotgun and shoot birds.

I fill my moat with grape nuts and people die trying to cross it.

I sprinkle it on the floor, to make a pentagram and summon satan. He likes grape nuts too, reminds him of human bones.


Yes, they are awesome!

I used to, and liked them. If I eat cereal it’s probably Ezekiel golden flax, which is pretty similar.

In New England they make grape nuts ice cream, try getting your hands on that.


Are we talking the seeds of grapes? Or the cereal?

Love, love, love them, but can’t find them and now want some. I grew up in Halifax, Canada and my favorite ice cream was grapenut. Don’t knock it till you try it. Glad there are like-minded grapenut enjoying cyclists out there!


Love them. Put them in milk, warm it up in the microwave like 30s, drizzle with honey. BAM, breakfast soup.

Also, for us 94 year olds who like GrapeNuts, these are also awesome:


I eat them all the time. Cereal every day, gnuts three or four days per week. So people really find them gross? I mean, I can understand not preferring them, but gross?


I used to eat them on ice cream and occasionally for breakfast. Come to think of it, not sure I can get them at my store. Will have to look!

My girlfriend eats this stuff.

I zoned out when it became apparent no grapes or nuts were involved …


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Used to love them as a kid, haven’t had any in years. I live in the UK but my dad was American; when I discovered that Grape Nuts Flakes are not only a thing but completely unrelated to Grape Nuts, it blow my tiny mind (they are equally awesome, and extra special because we only got them when visiting family or if they sent us a box at Christmas).

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I will usually get the generic brand at Kroger (Nutty Nuggets) since it’s a couple dollars cheaper and tastes the same. But it’s been out a lot lately so back to ponying up for the official ones.

Simple ingredients and a good source of iron since I won’t eat red meat and am short on getting it in my diet

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I ‘discovered’ Crackling Oat Bran at the dining hall in college years (ok, decades) ago. Quickly became a staple and would down bowl after bowl. The I find out how much sugar was in it and was like “oh, this is why I like it so much.” So I would limit it to an after meal desert.

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Yeah, the name is totally false advertizing. But, try to understand, ‘coarse ground yeast sludge’ just doesn’t sell.


Good to know.

Yeah, I’m not sure why supply has been somewhat constrained recently. It can’t be hard to find the ingredients!

Not only is it a great source of iron but in terms of protein per serving it’s definitely near the top for cereal. Not at the top, but near.

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Do grape-nuts Flakes count?


With a name like coarse ground wheat/yeast sludge, I’m absolutely going to try it (again).