What are your go to snacks?

I struggle with snacking. I need food between meals, especially on ride days but because I don’t really know what to snack on, I end up eating a lot of calorie dense things that we always have in the house like bread and butter, chocolate, etc.

One thing I’ve discovered is natural yogurt with berries and some crumbled meringue. It’s super tasty for under 200kcals.

Guess I’m looking for some inspiration. Anything that keeps well and is quick to prepare is a bonus!


Frozen fruit smoothie
More toast
Did I mention toast?


Apples. Just the shear volume and fiber limits the damage you can do. I get hungry, grab an apple and fill up my water bottle and add a packet or two of calorie free (stevia) drink mix.

Smoothie with frozen Strawberry, Raspberries, Blackberries (I use a Costco mixture), scoop of chocolate protein powder, skim milk.

I have to try to consciously avoid simple carbs - bagels, toast, crackers, cookies, bread because it’s so easy for me to overdo. I am always trying to add more protein though.


If I NEED more carbs - Cheerios with skim milk. Brown rice with 2-3 fried eggs and Sriracha on top.

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raw veggies & hummus! :carrot:


I cycle through a lot of different types of snacks, and tend to put extra emphasis on protein. Here are some of my favorite:

  • RxBar’s - Best balanced-macro protein bars I’ve tried. Chocolate Sea Salt is my favorite flavor.
  • Protein One bars - tastes ok in general, but they’re the best tasting pure protein bars I’ve had, and I’ve tried a lot. Peanut butter cup and maple glazed donut are my favorite flavors
  • Flavored tuna pouches + crackers. Especially like the spicy ones. Put pickles on top if you want to get crazy
  • Lots and lots of fruit. What kind depends on time of year - apples, mandarin oranges, stone fruit, watermelon, grapes
  • Vanilla Greek yogurt + Kashi crunch cereal. Blueberries and/or dark chocolate chips makes it extra special
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Fresh fruit
Plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries

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I eat about 320-400 calories of Kirkland trail mix pretty much every day. Nuts are sooo good. Cashews, peanuts, almonds. Seeds, too. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

I like microwave popcorn with spicy seasoning or hot sauce like Tabasco.

We make hummus at home and have cut veggies on hand.

We used to make Greek yogurt more often and mix with honey and granola. Cottage cheese and cut fruit is sometimes good.

Sliced apples and peanut butter are great. And bagels with peanut butter, too.

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Luna lemon*, Luna nuts over chocolate*, Lärabar peanut butter chocolate chip*, many of the Picky Bars, some of the Clif Bar flavors*…

  • the minis, if I can find them. Perfect size for snacking, and riding too. Just remember to pre-nick the Clif Bar packages to make them easier to open while riding.

The Luna bars can get messy on a hot ride, or kept close to the body.

There are also these ‘Keto Bars’, but they are expensive. Hard to eat on a bike as they tend to be dry, and fracture easily. (Require lots of water to wash them down)

Oh, there is a bar that I’ve only seen at Costco. It’s in a rather plain brown box, but is from General Mills. It’s also a bar that often shatters in the mouth, and tends to be dry, but the flavor isn’t too bad, and it’s not drenched in big time sugars.

Then there’s ‘Lenny and Larry’s, Complete Cookie’. Sugar, yep, but they also have protein, and for a borderline crap cookie, they don’t seem to be ridiculous. I mean, I wouldn’t ever eat more than one, and the peanut butter is not too bad, the chocolate chip is pretty good too, but some people consider them ‘crap’. But looking at the Clif Builder candy bars, at least these have some redeeming ingredients. I find them all over the place too. Point is, there is lots of worse stuff out there to snarf.

PBJ!! Bananas, some chips and organic salsa/hummus, carrots, walnuts, pistachios, etc…

Everything is fuel…

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I make red pepper hummus. Good with celery sticks.
I boil 7 eggs. 1 a day with a dash of salt.
Besides fresh fruit. Dried fruit is a go to. You need to be careful with the dried prunes. You can start with 2 or 3 and work your way up. Same with raw nuts. Start slow or you will be in the w/c wondering what’s going on down there. I also buy frozen tart cherries. A hand full in a bowl while frozen makes me think I’m eating something full of sugar.

This doesn’t seem like a problem unless you’re trying to keep calories down so I’ll assume you are.

I do my best to keep fresh fruit and veg in the house. The best of what I can find without going completely crazy. Then when I’m hungry I remind myself to grab fruit before going for more calorie dense items.

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I’m on the see food diet, I see food and I eat it.

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+1 for apples, I use a metal device that cores them and yields 8 bite size sections to keep me snacking longer, also peel, wrap in foil and freeze bananas - they come out like eating ice cream.

My unpopular snack opinion is that apple cores are edible. Eat the whole thing and spit out the seeds


It gives me so much pleasure to watch people’s faces when I eat the whole apple in public! Carrots, courgettes and broccoli too. Eat it all!

I just eat the core most times too, seeds and all… Too lazy to walk back to the trash and throw it away, easier to eat it.

Add the green stems on your strawberries for some extra fiber. Why cut them off.

Boiled eggs.
Tender stem / broccoli,
Carrot sticks,
Cucumber sticks
Boiled potato slices
Yoghurt (greek)
Small chucks of cheese :cheese: :yum:
Banana slices
Apples :apple:
Pears :pear:
Satsumas :tangerine:
Baby Tomatoes :tomato:
Lettuce leaf wrapped minced beef and onion (mushrooms if you like them), seasoned with herbs and spices,

You are eating the wrong ice cream!!

(I do love me some frozen bananas though)

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Spit out the seeds? They’re the best bit!