Going Skiing - Adjusting Training Plan


I completed SSB1-MV and increased my ftp by 25 watts - from a low base after 6 months off with repeated back problems and then a few weeks of ramp up before starting the program. I am in the middle of SSB2-MV and so far so good. I have been skipping the Wednesday “recovery ride” because it dosn’t help me recover. I did it in the second week of SSB1 and had to skip the Thursday ride as a result - felt i was going to overtrain. Perhaps it is because I am 50 this year, but I have always found that recovery for me is not doing anything, rather than a gentle ride.

My cycling days are Tuesday, Thursday and the longer rides on Saturday and Sunday - all trainerroad SSB2-MV.

I am going downhill skiing for four days, and travelling for work for two days before then. When I ski, I ski hard with lots of mogul fields, and by the end of the day my legs ache and I need recovery in the evening - I coudn’t cycle afterwards and then ski the next day. I have found in previous years that skiing has helped my cycling and made me stronger.

I leave on Wednesday evening.

My plan is this:

  • do my usual Tuesday ride, and do the Thursday ride on Wednesday
  • Travel Wednesday evening and work on the Thursday and Friday
  • Ski hard from Saturday to Tuesday
  • do the recovery ride (that I wouldn’t usually do) on the Thursday
  • restart my program on the Saturday with the ride from the previous Saturday and carry on the program

Is that sensible? If I read the holiday plans then they don’t seem to take account of the fact that there are big similarities between skiing and cycling - or is that not right?

My objective is simply to get stronger for general rides next year and to help me lose a little weight, without getting injured by overdoing things. I like the rythmn of the regular rides and the forced rest weeks.

Any views much appreciated.

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Your plan sounds pretty good to me.

Enjoy the ski trip and ski your heart out! Don’t overthink it.
Your plan sounds solid - if between all the travel and skiing you’re feeling overly tired I would even consider skipping the Thursday recovery ride still when you get back and focus on rest and recovery.
If needed bump those first few workouts back in intensity by 5-10% until you feel back in the rhythm.

As someone who lives and works at a ski resort - take full advantage of every minute you have there. If training is heavily on your mind regardless think of it as a “training camp” that’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

After a few hard days of skiing (and most likely at altitude) you won’t be losing fitness.

Having said this, if training and fitness is a life priority - take it easy on the apres ski beers haha.

Thanks to you and team bunty. I was even wondering about the Thursday ride, mainly because the âpres ski can’t be skipped on - surely part of the fun…
But I hope to power through the next rides and not drop the intensity.
more advice is always welcome, and i will post the results - bad or hopefully good…