Getting over a stomach bug

Had a stomach bug these last two days. No food and very little water in that time. Any suggestions on what to do to get back to normal?

Lots of fluids and electrolytes. Given your description, I’d probably go for Pedialyte if it’s convenient. Eat BRATs-type foods (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Take it easy for a day or two.


As noted above…then for your first workout back, plan on a Z2 ride just to gauge how you feel. Stomach bugs can be very draining…no need to jump back into higher intensity training.

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It’s so annoying because I was just getting back on track

Don’t sweat it…you’ll be back to where you were in less than a week.

Life happens. :wink:

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Skratch, or they have an emergency version, something like that. It has saved me more than once. Stomach stuff is the worst, take your time getting back. It always takes me a few easy rides to even want to go harder. Like others have mentioned, take a step back and see the forest instead of the tree. It happens to all of us who tread the line of too much work/life/training stress. You’ll be back quick enough.