Sickness recovery

Hey, recovering from food poisoning! Have lost 7lb ( still overweight )I also have ulcerative colitis that’s not quite playing ball just now to.i resisted temptation to try to ride yesterday. I now have tonsillitis! My question is, should I just stay off the bike and rest until fully recovered? Or should I do some easy indoor rides. I have my first 200km long event on may 11th and desperately need to get some miles under my belt! I’m on 2nd last week of sweetspot base 2 low volume

I expect you’ll get a variety of responses across the spectrum from train on to total rest! View it as a chance to discover what your body can tolerate - maybe try a little gentle exercise, and listen carefully to how your body responds. You might discover you can handle a little light effort, or you might discover it floors you. If that’s the case, then I’d argue that the knowledge you’ve gained is more valuable than a couple of extra sick days…provided you then act on it!

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