Post-gastroenteritis performance

Hi all,

A few months ago I was hit pretty hard with a stomach bug. I was in bed Saturday and Sunday with bad stomach cramps and all sorts of nastiness, literally did not get out of bed unless it was to use the toilet. 3 days later on Wednesday I felt good enough to ride, so I commuted 30 miles roundtrip and did the same, but harder, on Thursday. On Friday I went on what is supposed to be an easy group ride, I got dropped 3/4 in to the 3 hour ride.

I felt horrible, like I couldn’t get any power out. I felt really discouraged and thought my fitness had dropped. But after listening to a TR podcast, I’m wondering if I perhaps didn’t give my body time to recover from the stomach flu?

How long does it normally take a person to get back up to speed after an illness like that? Is it normal to drop a lot of fitness during an illness? I have 4 kids and am sick most of the year with some sort of cold, if it turns into a chest-cold I take a few days off the bike but I never feel a noticeable drop in performance when I get back on the bike.

Thanks in advance!