Gastro/stomach bug return

I searched but couldn’t find any good experiences.

After recovering from the flu and doing only easy rides my kids brought norovirus home and wiped me out. Obvious symptoms you get from that…

I hadent even gained the weight back from the flu and lost even more. (Probably just food and water weight). Once my fever went away I did some easy rides again without issue. But had very little appetite generally.

So yesterday morning I tried to do my first interval workout since January 1 (flu hit me jan 6). I tried some threshold intervals because I had to halt my v02 block and didn’t think that was good to jump back into it as my heart rate was finally starting to normalize after flu and I had pushed SST to 75 minutes before I got sick and am just bored kf doing tempo/SST work.

I crashed and burned so hard. Struggled through the first interval and pulled the plug on the second. Just felt like I had nothing in the tank. Not the feeling like your FTP is too high, just like everything was too hard.

I know here in the US there are a million viruses going around. Has anyone recently had norovirus/gastro? How long did it take after you recovered to even feel normal in the bike? I’m going to run AiFTP soon and just stick to that number. Just want some other perspectives.

Stay healthy out there.

I take it you’ve had your blood work done by your doc?
I had flu (harder than anything Ive had before), then when I thought I was recovering norovirus or something. That completely wiped me out. It was actually lack of iron in my system which meant I wasn’t fighting off things properly. A simple blood test would have caught that early and I wouldn’t have had to endure what I subsequently did.

No bloodwork

I just had a physical and blood work done. Also it’s been less than a week since I had the stomach bug. That would probably muddy the water and potentially would be something to rush into.

I (personally) don’t think bloodwork is always necessary after being sick to return to training. I was just wondering if others have had the stomach bug recently and how long it took them to come back

If you had it done recently, if it was an iron problem etc it would of been flagged up then. I am just paranoid about what happened to me and lots of other folk, some fatally unfortunately (bowel/colon cancer) at a young age (too young for official screening). When a simple blood test would have given a indication for docs to look further. I hope you’re feeling better soon!