Gears With Chad

What exactly do we have to like and did I miss the deadline for my vote to count?? :weary::weary: I would totally do this!!

Post with voting options, not sure if it’s open or closed?

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Thanks @mcneese.chad! Ok, I did fill that out. I’m in agreement about multiple distance options and 30-40% being a “sweet spot” for gravel proportion.

What’s the 2500 votes thing though? Last I checked the poll was nowhere close to that.

  • IIRC, that was a comment by Jon, about what he hoped to see in the “Likes” for the TR YT video of that podcast, as the potential driver for judging interest in a “Chad’s” race. I’d have to search the video, but it’s near the end of that segment. And from a quick check of that video status, it’s 650 Likes at the moment, for whatever that’s worth.
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So … Everyone get over to YT and hit the Like button.

And while you’re there go do last week’s Pod too so Chad feels more inclined to do a Beer segment next time :rofl:


this is just collecting data that gives us a rough idea of what people would want if we did this race – not a set of polls that decides the fate of a race :slight_smile:


As long as Pros think they are faster than the TR Customers. It is just that we would need to work as a team :wink:



On the podcast I could have swore I was hearing, “beers with Chad “.

that’s what I heard too!

Seems perfect for this type of fondo/gravel ride.

I mean, this seems like more fun/unique than an enduro segment timing bit… Or what about a TTT - pursuit format, TR Corp team of “personalities and some employees” gets a 6 minute head start and the field has to catch them in the first 50-60 miles, and whoever catches them can talk about how they led the pack of hounds chasing, even if they simply sat in the group of 155 riders and did maybe 30 seconds on the front, accidentally. TR Corp could all wear orange and white and subscribers/entrants could pay for a tan and white hound jersey, or a red jacket with brass “buttons” on the front.

Reset after the aid station, rinse and repeat. Anyone who doesn’t make the catch can enjoy the aid station, and nominate a new set of foxes…

Either way, if they put this on, I’mma need a front shifter and derailleur. Shucks.


I’d vote for a straight up ride with no gimmicks. Just an awesome route and day out works for my tastes. Reason to hang around post race is nice.

Pros - fun to watch on something like an XC mtn course or crit. Up the road from me and out of sight by hours, doesn’t matter. That’s up to the TR crew if it helps them market the event.


Agreed 100%….the get-together and ride are enough incentive, I would reckon.


Agreed…From my perspective it would be more to meet/ride with TR team and others on the forum.

Honestly, I don’t care how the ride is formatted. If you guys put this on, I’m coming out for it.


I’ve done a few “enduro style” Gran Fondos and they’re a blast. You can ride as fast or slow as you want most of the ride and socialize with friends, and you don’t have to feel rushed at the aid stations or decide whether to skip them. Then you get to hammer some sections and regroup. Still an opportunity for competitive people to get a “race” in. Our local one had 5 segments that were timed. Each segment winner got a podium, plus an overall winner for the combined time. All the aid stations had the basics plus a unique theme, like the last one was pizza and ice cream. I could chill and enjoy my day but still got to compete with other people.


TR team - my wife and I are excited and ready to travel from AZ to Spokane for this race! Straight ride, fun aspects (aka gimmicks) or other, we are in! We love TR and are ready for some travel and adventure.

Lol … anything more than 70 and I can’t justify the trip :wink:

I’m the opposite. Anything less than 100 and it’s hard to justify the trip🤣

Have a sticker "TR subscriber since 201x " … :wink: