We need your help! (and win TR Swag ;) ) Athlete Question & Answer for TrainerRoad Website

Hey all!

We are looking for athletes that are willing to share their experiences using TrainerRoad and specifically their experience following our training plans.

Our goal is to add athlete stories to our website. These responses will be published on pages like our Cycling Training Plans page.

If you’ve submitted a testimonial in the past, you’re welcome and encouraged to do so again!

If you are interested in providing your experience, please complete this Google Form. We will randomly select 10 people to receive a TR swag box! We are looking for thorough responses that offer context for people new to TR or haven’t signed up yet.

Thanks, y’all!

*For the swag packages, we unfortunately can’t ship to South Africa right now because of COVID.


Who will be the best at TR HQ?

  • Jonathan
  • Chad
  • Amber
  • Pete
  • Nate

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I don’t understand this Poll. I was going to vote for Honey but I can’t see him listed?

This is a UK cereal that could be interested in sponsoring someone :wink:


Does my vote on the poll influence my chances to win swag? :rofl:

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I meant to put this poll on the Fantasy TDF thread! Oops!!


I don’t understand the question but I just automatically vote Amber.


Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to share their experiences with us! Everyone’s answers were tremendously helpful and the marketing team appreciates your assistance.

We are turning off the survey and I’ll be emailing the 10 swag box winners tomorrow.

Thanks again!


Me toooooo!!!

Only just saw this. Sorry I missed the window. Happy to provide some experiences in future if needed.