Gears With Chad

Race bonuses

Beat @chad Chad - free beer
Beat @ambermalika - One year free TR and you get to be on the product test team
Beat @Jonathan - you get to co-host the podcast
Beat @Nate_Pearson Free TR for life

They get a head start together and we, meaning you fast folks, try to ride them down.


I noticed there’s no prize for beating @IvyAudrain because that clearly won’t happen :star_struck:


This opens the door to what we do in some Zwift events, under a range of names. Cat & Mouse, or the Red Bull Fox Hunt ideas that you have a target type rider and then aim to chase & catch them. I’ve never seen it done in anything “real” other than the RB one.

That and maybe silly stuff like “skills” tasks at aid stations (riding skinnys or tricky terrain and such) in order to gain a “bonus” of some sort. Could be time deduction, points towards stuff like TR swag (think “tickets” from Skeeball) that you use to “buy” fun stuff at the end. Even totally non-cycling stuff like a cornhole toss for bonus stuff or other “games” at the stations. Maybe even a Muppet toss :wink:

Probably a multitude of different ways to incentivize and reward this vs the typical “race” approach, if that is desired. Could make for some unique feel and experiences to set the event apart from others.


I intentionally didn’t include @IvyAudrain because I hoped she would be in the pack with the fun folks taking hand ups and laughing at the chaos


You do miss on the potential to talk s#!t with Nate, get Beer recommendations from Chad, get racing tips from Amber, or tuning tips from Jonathan when you ride up on them/they ride passed you on the race.

Bear in mind how difficult it is to organise a race/be involved on such a high level and still try and have any sort of decent performance. I imagine it’s going to have to be a pressure-free affair. Have the challenges in the hand up.

Bowl of Cereal
Bubbly water
What’s @ambermalika number one vice?

Fluffernutter IIRC :rofl:


Hard to vote for one distance… I say you do a 50 miler and a 100 miler (adjusted for elevation) to get the most participation.

Make it a weekend event in an area with plenty of camping to get the most participation.

Maybe even some live music.

It would be a blast!


Negative Split is a timing race promoter in the Spokane/CDA area that would be a good host for the race

they do quite a few running races, but are the new host for a our local CDAfondo during Octoberfest, they put on some great events

Edit: Also wanted to say that I am in for this event - lets make it happen!

Beer mile?

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Does Chad even ride anymore? I looked at his Strava and his last ride in town here was over a year ago?

Save it…you know the damn rule. If it’s not on Strava it doesn’t count (nor did it even happen).

If this goes off, we’ve got a room at our house for someone. Pizza Rolls and diet Dr. Pepper included.


Interesting idea and Rapha RCC does events as well which I am interested in being a member but the cost for them is crazy $$.

I don’t care to meet pros but would be fun to be with other TR members at an event even “if” it was created and held by the offices. Fee would be to ride the course over day(s) and would incldue some swag.

I grew up 3 hours from Spokane.

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Not personally excited to meet pros, but I understand that it may be a smart marketing move.

It would be nice for TR subscribers (1-year and over) to get something extra like meet TR team, have a photo op with TR team, or some additional swag.


I’ve seen other events put stickers on the number plate (ie 5th time rider, etc).

Hot Take: Different number plate colors based on the legacy price you are paying, as a conversation starter :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: OK, don’t do this…


RE: the voting. . . . why road <30% or >50%. Maybe ~30 - 40% is about right? And why just one vote on distances? Most Gravel events I see have multiple distances (ie 50mi, 85mi, or 125mi) and you sign up for the distance you are trained for at that time.

Back to % road / gravel - maybe one of the routes could simply be more road friendly?

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I kind of agree. Instead of pros it would be amazing to focus on the TR team as our special invited celebrities! These are the people that keep us entertained, informed and happy. Nothing against pros at all. But having a live q&a or something with members of the team would be something i wouldnt want to miss.

I support however tr may choose to do it though.


I think its getting clear…

TR users get excited about TR team… TR Team gets excited about Pros… Pros get excited about Purse Award… Purse Award is probably somewhat tied to number of TR users that participate (as in paying competitors).


It’s a cycle…

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I personally think pros being there is a very low priority. I don’t really see how 5 vs 50 pros being there would make it better/different for me. I’d rather my entry fees go to make it a better event for everyone, than to fund a prize purse.
If money is going to be spent to get pros/famous riders to come (which is what prize purse is), I personally would prefer to just pay them to come and do things like lead a warm up ride the day before (social, not a race), do a Q&A session/social gathering, etc. I also think an enduro style timing setup makes it more likely for there to be cross-fitness social engagement on the ride itself. I think some of the bigger and popular races are bad examples of ‘value for money’ for the participants, and should not be looked at as events to emulate.


This would be a challenging race for sure! I’d say most of the competition during a typical amateur race doesn’t train near as much as trainerroad subscribers!

Bring your pros and watch us embarrass them (and by “us” i mean people faster than me)!

Different shakeout rides, led by @ambermalika, @IvyAudrain, @Pete … etc.

I like the idea of stickers for your numberplate, but maybe do it based on number of TR rides you’ve done.