TrainerRoad Fondo / Event

Reading the latest thread on TrainerRoad v. Zwift made me think how fun it would be to go the opposite way from virtual and have a live event. Probably too much work but, it sure would be fun to meet and ride with different people around the country/globe who use TR! Any plans on the TR side to hold some sort of event in the future? Seems like a win/win.

If this happened outside of “normal” race season, I’d totally be in. I imagine this is probably a position shared by many.

The TR crew already does meetups/Rides at Kona. It could easily happen near the TR HQ as well!

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Self-organized is always an option. We just did a small meet-up in the Bay Area last weekend

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Yeah probably in the fall before the cold but, after most of the racing.

I was thinking about Phil Gaimon’s cookie fondo. Fun event. Some timed sections if you want to push it and food after. Nothing huge. Maybe a small 6 figure investment :wink: :grinning:

Phil’s fondo is exactly what I had in mind too! As an aside, I hope that my wife will pick up on my not so subtle hints that I’d like to do a California vacation AND bring my bike for a cookie ride/velo guide ride with Phil.

I’ve started leaving Phil’s cookie stickers in her school textbooks and around the house :sweat_smile:

If any company could pull off a fondo, TR has that capability - even on a much lower scale.

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