Create Custom Workout for use Outdoors

Now that workouts can be pushed to Garmin & Wahoo is there a way that CUSTOM workouts can be pushed to outdoor?

Currently I seem to just get the following:

Does something need to be changed in workout creator? Or is there something else going on?
@Bryce @Nate_Pearson

Not possible right now, but might be in the future. Straight from Nate.

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Given that post was from April and a lot has changed I didn’t know if that comment was still valid. (I did search before posting)

It was the latest comment I could find. Anything may have changed since then, same as always in this area.

Currently, all of the TrainerRoad workouts need to be manually re-created by a Support Agent into a format that Garmin and Wahoo head units can understand. As of now, we have created “one to one” outdoor workouts for all workouts that are part of a TrainerRoad training plan, and we are working on one to one outside versions of the rest of the workouts.

But since we can’t have a support agent convert every single custom workout manually, we need to find a way to automate this conversion process before we can support outside workouts for your custom workouts. When we begin the overhaul of the Workout Creator, we will begin to explore the possibilities, but until then, we sadly will not be able to push your custom workouts to your head unit :pensive:.

Sorry I don’t have better news at the moment.

Can I suggest that you create workouts in ERGdb (easy and free) and then sync from there to Garmin Connect or TrainingPeaks.



Appreciate the update bryce

@Bryce As someone knowledge and experienced at structured training, when I joined TR a year ago, I instantly found WorkoutCreator to be an extremely valuable tool when used in conjunction with TR base workouts (i.e. I could modify duration, #intervals, intensity, w.u., c.d., etc to achieve specific workout goals). But, as you know, WC is outdated and has its limitations. I was excited to learn early in the year that a new version would be available summer/fall of 2019, but was disappointed to learn later that it has been delayed. Your wording now sounds like development of WC v2.0 hasn’t even started. Can you provide an indication as to whether it is on the roadmap, and if so, would it be a 2020 project? Or has a plan for a WC 2.0 been abandoned as it is not part of your product direction? Thanks.

While I cannot comment on timeline, I can say that the WC 2.0 is on our Development Roadmap.

Do you happen to know where we indicated that the updated Workout Creator+ would be ready in the Fall/Summer of 2019? That was a miscommunication on our part because our main development focus has been the revamp of the TrainerRoad Applications and Outside Workout support for the past 8 months or so. These have been top priority for us, and as a result, we have not been allocating resources to the web-based Workout Creator quite yet. As we wrap up these major projects, resources will free up to work on our next phase of development.

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Just want to express my hope that the custom workouts will work outdoors in the future. Recently, I have tried to push a couple custom workouts to the Garmin and some random, completely dissimilar TR workout shows up instead. Oh well, for now. I love the outdoor workouts feature, I think it is something special/unique to TR, and encourage the team to keep developing it! Thank you, Dave

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So I have found a workaround for people who want to do custom workouts outdoors for now. It’s not as good as a real TR workout, since I expect the some of the data will be lost, but should be a holdover until TR team gets the WC2 built, and has the capability to do custom workouts outdoors.

On Garmin Edge (I don’t have a Wahoo, sorry), you just go to Garmin Connect website --> Training --> Select a Workout Type --> Create a Workout, build it, then save. Then you go back to Training --> Workouts --> Add to Calendar (on the right hand side of the screen, to the right of your workout) and it will be set up. Sync your Garmin, and it should show up on the day you are going to ride.

@Bryce still looking forward to the day we have TR custom workouts outdoors. Until then, thanks and stay safe!

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