TR outside with Garmin offline

Hi, how it’s possibile to push a scheduled workout on garmin device meanwhile the site garmin is offline? I want to complete my workout outside

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I’ve not done it myself but I think you can recreate the outdoor workout in the free version of Training Peaks and export the work out to your Garmin. It’ll be in the workout folder rather than on the calendar though.

That does work, but to be fair, I’m pretty sure its against the end user agreement you’ve made with TR…


Haha why would anyone care what is in an end user thingie?

On a related note…what is taking so long with the garmin thing? Have they said when they’re going tk fix their stuff?

It’s a Ransomware attack. Their hijackers are holding ou for $10m. I don’t know how you put a time line on that :confused:

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I dont entirely know what that means. Would be nice if they sent back the $400 for my garmin if they cant fix it though. Trainerroad as well if they cant fix outdoor workouts.

I don’t really understand what you expect TR to “fix”? Outdoor workouts are working fine, it just happens that those of us that choose to execute them via a Garmin device can’t move new workouts to our device because the middleman (Garmin Connect) has a problem.

I just view it as the reverse of when the feature was originally introduced, Garmin users were able to sync sessions to headunits long before Wahoo.


I’m not entirely understanding what you’re getting at. Trainerroad had outdoor workouts. Now they dont have working outdoor workouts.

I’d like them to fix the outdoor workout function that I used on a daily basis and now cant, that I’m paying them for.

A bit of a moot point as I busted up my foot playing basketball over the weekend…so I’m out of commission for a few days at least. But if they cant get outdoor workouts working I’ll likely just cancel my subscription, at least until the winter anyway.

This is exactly my point, they do have working outdoor workouts - if you have a Wahoo device there is no problem.

Just as Wahoo users had to wait longer for the feature when it was originally released (because Wahoo didn’t have an API that TR could use), Garmin users are now having to wait for Garmin to get their house in order before we can resume using the feature.

I realise the circumstances are slightly different but in both cases outdoor workouts were working, just not everyone can use them. In fact, one could take the argument even further and highlight the fact that users of non-Garmin or Wahoo head units have never been able to use outdoor workouts.

Edit: If you’ve been using outdoor workouts for as long as you imply it is likely there will be a workout similar (if not the same) as you have scheduled already available on your device.


Yes, Garmin and TrainerRoad should refund you all your money because Garmin connect has been down a few days. Makes total sense.

TrainerRoad still has outdoor workouts. If you had a Wahoo device you wouldn’t be having a problem. Since you have a Garmin device you’re stuck with Garmin’s problems.


So…trainerroads solution for me not being able to use outdoor workouts, is to buy a second head unit? You’ll excuse me if I find that insulting lol.

Look, if their answer is “well hey, we were giving you outdoor workouts, now it’s broken, and we dont know how to fix it,” that’s fine. It’s on me to decide whether I want to keep paying them or not. But to say they still are giving outdoor workouts is disingenuous.

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It’s a malicious attack on them by a cyber criminal and something that is totally beyond their control now it has happened (they may have been able to prevent it with better security). The timeline at the moment I suspect is in the hands of the criminal.


What’s disingenuous is making the claim you can’t do workouts outside unless they automagically appear on your head unit. It’s always been possible, and TrainerRoad gives you several ways of executing the workout.


Of course I can still workout. I’m aware this hasn’t broken my bike. I’m not paying trainerroad and garmin to make my bike work. I’m paying them to do computer wizardy stuff that I dont understand so I have workouts magically pop up on a little screen on my bike. That little screen is currently sad and without workout directions.

And obviously this is not that big a deal, but it certainly brings into question what value I’m getting for the $15 a month or whatever it is I’m paying for outdoor workouts.

Now i think the TR admin Have to find a way to permit me an all the peolple have a premium account to use TR outside, otherwise i think i’ll cancell my subscrition… i’m vero upset, TR is nice i decided yo renew my subscrition because in summer i can do workout outside, but now?..i hope to solve it

I do not understand what you would expect TR to do. As of now, look at it as if Garmin is out of business. There is nothing that TR can do to make that device work.
If the outside wkouts were the ONLY reason you had TR then you should drop the subscriptions until Garmin gets their house in order.
I own a Garmin and used Garmin connect, but when I bought the device it was not for garmin connect. For outside wkouts I still can do it old school w a lap button.
this should not be a big stressor in your life.


Of course we can still do workouts keeping track of time and intervals on our own. THAT, however, is not what was promised by trainerroad.

It’s been all of 4 days, Garmin will be back and I’m sure they are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. TR has no control on Garmin’s ecosystem, they were just allowed to play in it. I don’t know what you expect TR to do, They can’t change the way information is sent/received by your head unit. The only thing they COULD do is allow downloads of the .fit files for workouts to manually place them on your Garmin Headunit. But that is an unrealistic ask. For starters, by the time they would be able to make the change to their programming, I would assume Garmin’s house will be in order again. Secondly, that would be releasing their Intellectual Property into the wild to be used/abused by non-paying users.


Once they are back and all those outdoor workouts arrive on your head until, you will need a week off. Is that Trainerroad fault as well? :slight_smile: