Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

Thanks guys for asking for our feedback…fantastic…although you’re probably getting an overwhelming wave of suggestions.

Here are my suggestions/desires for the push to garmin functionality:

Keep it simple with the initial release/MVP. Enhanced features can be added later based on feedback (lap controls, 3-second delay, etc.).

Here are my two best practices for creating traineroad workouts on my Garmin which I do 90% o f the time now the weather is getting reasonable:

  1. Warmup and cool-down intervals at front and back of the interval, ended with the “until lap key”
  2. 15 watt range on either side of target power for each interval
  3. Use the custom power targets for the power ranges…which would pull based on your current FTP each time you send the workout (vs. trying to keep the garmin power ranges in sync with traineroad).

Thanks again…this functionality will save me so much time!

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Wahoo Element allows you to pause an interval without pausing the actual workout. This is useful in scenarios where there is a stop sign or any traffic situation in the middle of 20min interval. You can pause the interval that way and resume when you are ready. I think this solves the problems for warmups and recovery intervals in most cases.


Really can’t wait for this. Following

I’ve got a question regarding using the workout function on garmin head units.

I use a 520, and when I’ve used the workout function in the past, it’s displaying 1 second power on the actual workout interval screen, which makes it pretty hard to use. If I go to my usual screen when running the workout and I’m outside of the power range it just covers my entire screen with the “power is too high/low” warning.

Is there any way to change the workout power setting to use 3/10 second power? 1 second power is pretty useless for display.

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Hi @Nate_Pearson this is a great idea. For the advance only option, I would recommend adding this on interval starts rather that ending them. Last thing you want to do outside when doing a VO2 interval having to be aware of the time of the interval to press the lap button when it ends. If it finishes automatically then you back it off, proceed to rest and activate it with a lap press. The 3 second buffer sounds also great so you can get ready to start.

Hope this idea helps.



We were worried about this too. But we’ve got the ability to set the target to 1, 3, 10 or 30 seconds. So we’re going to do 3 seconds for intervals less than or equal to 5 minutes and 10 seconds for intervals more than 5 minutes.


Constant 3 please (or a parameter in settings you pass to the api)

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That’s perfect, glad you guys had it on your radar too. I’m even more excited to try these out now.

I think we’ll start with no parameter but if we get lots of feedback that we need it we’ll re-evaluate.

Hey @Nate_Pearson,

Do you know if one can adjust that when editing the workout in Garmin? In that case, I agree with you that no parameter would be just fine. If not, though, I think that it might make sense to think about it like the power smoothing value in the TR app. Pedal-based power meters might benefit from an extra few seconds. Doing outside workouts in my Garmin, I have found 3s pretty challenging when it’s windy.

But in the end, I’m sure we’ll make whatever you come up with work. :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to change it yourself after we send it :frowning:.

You make a good point though.

In general our philosophy is to do less choices at first, give it to people, then see if we need more choices.

So once we get a few thousand people using it I think we’ll know pretty quickly if we need a parameter for the power smoothing length.


So, is there a way to make the Trainer Road calendar/ Strava recognize that I’ve manually completed an outdoor workout? If that could be seen by people on Strava your outdoor market might explode. Personally, I’m also interested in TR recognizing my outdoor ride too.

Looking forward to the new Garmin system, thanks so much!

I am probably missing the real point of your question, but for starters, are you sync’d between TR and Strava right now?

Depending on the particular setup (marking a ride as outside on the TR calendar, before doing that ride), may well default to associating between the real ride and the one on the TR calendar. I have not done enough of them to know how that works, but it seems I have read others say they get the association automatically in some cases.

Yes, I have the sync set up. TR isn’t recognizing that I did the outdoor workout, it just shows the outdoor ride from the Strava feed like usual, and the planned workout shows as not completed.

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Not yet, but I think we’d all like this.


actually a good idea @Nate_Pearson I think this would really influence the user. I know that for me to get to a certain area takes a lot more than 15mins.
the 3-sec delay is handy too…

Great Work TR team

I saw this come through in the feed this morning from TrainingPeaks saying that the autosync feature is live now with Garmin: I’m hoping the TR team will have some news soon as well. I might have to go and get an Edge 530 now as well and move away from my Bolt. Wahoo announced the new ROAM last week, but nothing on the firmware update side to support the workouts…


That would be nice if they could be loaded onto an Edge 500 manually!

Any news on this?

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Yes, we’re still working out some edge cases and improving the experience. We’re eager to get it out :smiley:.