Garmin sync resulting in double weekly stats

I’m brand new to TR - last week was my first with the program. I synced my Garmin Connect account when I first created my TR account, but I record all of my workouts on my Garmin head unit (for redundancy as well as more accurate time/distance because I occasionally have longer warm-ups or cool-downs than my TR workout prescribes). However, TR syncs my ride from my head unit in addition to the workout I completed, which is resulting in roughly double the weekly hours and TSS score on my training calendar.

Here is an example from one day last week:

My main concern is this: does TR see that I’m going way over the prescribed hours/TSS and adjusting all of my future workouts based on those inaccurate numbers? I’d love to be able to account for any extra time I have on the bike each week without the numbers being way off, but I’m not sure how to go about that unless I stop recording during my TR workouts on my head unit and only record anything before/after.

If the double recording is affecting my prescribed workouts, I assume my only options to prevent this are A) un-sync Garmin Connect, or B) stop dual recording during my TR workouts? Thank you for any guidance. Loving TR so far!

Your adaptations are based upon the compliance of your TrainerRoad associated workouts. Once we account for unstructured rides in the future though, those 'morning ride’s will be accounted for and you would receive adaptations for both activities.

Check in with to make sure you’re properly syncing and associating those workouts correctly to prevent that duplicate issue. They’ll be happy to help!

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In the past I was dual-recording, and setup the following sync options:

  • disable Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad
  • Garmin Connect syncs to Strava
  • Strava syncs to TrainerRoad

Then I only had 1 workout in TrainerRoad, the one recorded by the TR app. And any outside rides would sync to TR via Strava.

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Someone can confirm or correct me on this. I believe that when the same ride is recorded twice, you can open the Gamin ride and hit the button that says something like Associate this Ride or Match this Ride (something like that) and connect that ride to the TR ride. The TR ride will disappear form the calendar but, the Garmin ride will have the same stats and should be used for adaptation. I do this all the time when riding TR workouts in Zwift.

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Wouldn’t you still have duplicate rides on your TR calendar, though, with the Strava ride + the TR workout? Or are you completing the TR workout outside the TR app?

I think it depends who pushes to Strava first. I can’t recall if Strava has dual activities too. Strava has some “smarts” around activities that are uploaded around the same time.

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For the sake of brevity, I didn’t mention that I also synced Strava with TR at first but then I had THREE duplicate workouts on my calendar. I also realized I wasn’t interested in posting my TR workouts to Strava and would rather use the Zwift ride (yes, I’m also using Zwift), so I unsynced Strava from TR.

The number of places my rides get tracked now is getting ridiculous. All of my indoor workouts are on Strava (I mute or make private the majority of my indoor rides), Zwift, TrainerRoad, and Garmin Connect. I keep a training log that compiles all of that into one entry, but it gets tedious.

pretty sure I had it working, and posted on the forum, but can’t find the exact post.

This can definitely get out of hand. However, I cross sync everything. This includes TrainingPeaks. What I do not use indoors is my Garmin head unit. I use my Fenix 6 watch as HR monitor though. There are other posts on this but, quickly, if the TR workout is not too complicated, I build the TR workout in the TrainingPeaks calendar. That puts the workout in Zwift workouts. I then run the workout in Zwift and when it shows up as a duplicate in the TR calendar, I match the workout to the TR workout. This leaves one recorded workout in TR. When the TR workout is too complicated to rebuild, I run Zwift on ATV and TR on iPad. I delete the duplicate from the TR calendar. When outdoors and using the Garmin head unit, I often get doubles or triples in Strava. I just delete the copies, leaving one ride in Strava and one in TR Calendar. It would be great if all this technology detected duplicates but, they don’t. At least not yet.

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I’ve considered building the TR workout in Zwift but I knew it would become such a time suck to do that all the time, so I’ve been running TR on the iPad with Zwift on the TV. I’ve heard the merger rumors between the two companies and that would simplify so much for me so I hope it happens haha.

You’ve got a good strategy there that I may try to implement. What exactly do you mean “match the workout to the TR workout”? Is there a way I can ‘match’ my ride synced from Garmin Connect to the workout prescribed by TR for that day?

Just trying not to make this more complicated than it has to be. I’m a big data nerd and have tracked all of my cycling stats religiously for over 10 years. This is just my first time committing to a formal training plan and I want to get the most out of it.

When both rides show up in the TR calendar, click on the non-TR ride. If doing this on the computer, on the right side, under the box showing the ride, there is a box with the word Match. Click in that box and the name of the TR ride scheduled for that day pops up. Click on it and you are done. I usually do this on my iPhone or iPad and it requires scrolling to the bottom of the ride to see the Match box. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I hadn’t noticed that feature. Just tried this with all of my rides from last week, and while it appears to have matched properly, there are still two rides listed per day and weekly stats are still doubled.

No worries, my main concern was that it would affect my training adaptation but it appears it does not. I’ll keep brainstorming and tweaking some things and see what I can come up with. I’m not overly worried about it. Thank you all for the ideas!

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