TR syncs 2 rides to Garmin Connect? Or something else?

Has anyone else had this happen? I’ve done two TR indoor rides this week, and TR synced two workouts to GC.

(and since GC syncs to TP, I got two rides on TP too)

I’m about to file a support ticket, wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this issue.

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This happened to me today

@buh_buh thanks for confirming the same. After posting this, I filed a support ticket and provided a link to this thread.

It happened to me in the past. I used my laptop for TR training but also my Garmin watch. As soon as I stopped using Garmin the double workouts issue stopped. It could be the same in your case.

You may also sync to different programs that all sync back to Garmin Connect. If two programs send your training ride GC wouldn’t recognise it’s the same thing.

one other piece of info, the rides on GC/TP are not duplicates. One of the rides is missing the “mileage” and perhaps are few other items.

@magooesbe I used TR app on iPhone to record the workout, and only TR. Then TR Ride Sync sends workout to:

  • Dropbox
  • Garmin Connect
  • Strava
  • TrainingPeaks

For historical reasons, I have GC sending outdoor rides to RideWithGPS, TrainingPeaks, Xert, MapMyFitness, and Endomondo. All of those (except TP) do not have my TR workouts, in other words GC is not forwarding TR workouts to RWGPS/Xert/MMF/Endo.

So I don’t think its GC sending somewhere, and somewhere sending back to GC.

Also, I have a Fitbit scale and Fitbit is a pain in the ass sharing scale data with Health. So I’ve used MyFitnessPal (MFP) to sync scale data, and it also happens to read indoor/outdoor rides from Health and then create a manual workout in Fitbit. I just checked, and Fitbit does not have a workout since last outdoor ride on Sept 29. However I did see that Strava/Fitbit sync was on, and its useless (Fitbit creates incorrect calories on sync), so I disabled as a matter of principle.

Again, I don’t see any way for Fitbit to be involved as I didn’t bother to fire up MFP app and so Fitbit is completely unaware of my TR workouts. And as far as I know even if Fitbit sent to Strava (it didn’t), Strava doesn’t send to GC (AFAIK).

I’ll double check my syncing connections. At the moment, it seems the possibilities are (thinking outside the box a bit):

  1. GC app update has new “read workouts from Health” feature on iOS
  2. TR is sending 2 workouts to GC
  3. something weird is going on with TR/GC/TP syncing
  4. I’ve forgotten about another fitness platform, and its sending a duplicate (w/o miles) to GC. Seriously, how many fitness platforms outside of TR/Zwift can send to GC?


  1. I don’t think its GC app. GC is not connected to Health, because I don’t have a Garmin wearable. Also, GC app was updated 2 weeks ago, and the problem started for me on Tuesday.

Also looked at TP mobile app, and like GC it is not connected to Health.

p.s. this is a minor annoyance, so easy to delete one of the “almost duplicate” workouts

Ive been having the same problem for the last week or so…since the TR update. Duplciates of TR workouts showing on garmin. Any solution?

not yet, however I’ve been contacted by TR support. Provided TR with a cleaned up version of my (semi-coherent) notes above.

Recently all my TR workouts stopped syncing to GC after I bought the Nokia body + scale and linked it to MFP and GC. I had to go back into my TR account and re-consent for rides to be shared with GC.

Same here, I noticed today that my TR rides didn’t appear in GarminConnect, but they apper in Strava and TrainingPeaks. The last successful sync was the 14th October and the 1st failure to sync on the 16th October, so that’s when it started happening. I checked the sync settings in TrainerRoad and GarminConnect showed as disconnected. I don’t think I made that change.

A bit of a pain having to go through a month’s worth of rides and resync manually.

Actually, quite a big pain as GC does not allow to sync past rides. I thought I would be able to go to a ride in TR and press the GC sync button and be done with it. In reality, I need to download each workout from TR, and upload manually to GC, with the added annoyance that it does not keep the workout title, so that’s another manual step.

Contact TR support, all my workouts are syncing to Garmin Connect.

having the same issue. Workouts not syncing to Garmin or Strava. Im getting this image on TR career page…


Happened to me last night, my TR workout recorded on iOS didn’t initially sync and then that. “Processing Workout” image in TR. I filed a support ticket and an hour later it was fixed.

I’m on an iPhone. Went to workout in a browser on my phone and clicked the Dropbox icon to sync it. Then click the GC icon once to get the “cant sync past rides” message, and clicked again which opened up GC in browser. Then navigated to upload ride, and used file browser to select TR workout. All on my iPhone 7 and no downloading required.

Later it finished processing on TR, either because of my support ticket or automatically. Then an auto-sync workout appeared in GC as usual.

I’m seeing a duplicate workout in GC for today’s TR workout. So I’ve got two in my GC