Integrating Garmin Ecosystem and TrainerRoad

Apologies for a not entirely new topic. There’s a bunch of threads about Garmin but I didn’t feel like it was the direct answer and I didn’t know which one to tag onto.

With the 255 coming out and some of the clever readiness metrics described in @dcrainmaker review, I’m looking at getting a bit more into the Garmin Ecosystem.

I currently only record my outdoor rides on my Garmin, which is mostly just endurance riding, no efforts etc really. So I don’t get any of the advantage of the physio true up etc etc I don’t think.

Question is, if I dual record as mentioned on other threads, can I leave the various apps connected. I don’t really want to go through deleting duplicate workouts if possible. I recall Nate saying when the Calendar was released that TR is clever enough to not post duplicate workouts. Is this still the case from two sources?

If I turn off the connection between Connect and Strava, and send my outdoor rides from Connect to TR, will Strava pick up the Garmin rides from TR?

Apologies for rehashing things and potentially dumb questions for many of you.

Obviously red light/green light will soon do a lot of these things too, but I really like the look of some of the race prediction, readiness, performance, recovery etc etc metrics in the latest software.

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record with one device, connect all services…no duplicates (that has been fixed for a few years it feels). not sure if I am missing something in your question - dual recording will likely yield dual workouts…slightly different time stamps will make it seem as different

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I mean dual recording being do the workout in the TR app, and record it at the same time on one Garmin device.

Or more importantly, is there a better way? I like the TR app for my workouts so don’t really want to send the workouts to Garmin as an outdoor ride. That doesn’t feel like an improved experience. Though would save my phone battery when doing workouts at work.

Record on garmin device.

Connect garmin connect to TR.

Tada…occasionally i have to open garmin connect to sync cause I have a super old device but this is standard capabilities my friend.

Here’s a ride recently that utilizes just this features: Log In to TrainerRoad

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ha done

this could help to before turning it on

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It occurs to me this isn’t what I’m thinking.

I’m meaning indoor workouts, done via TR app. If I dual record on a Garmin device is it true TR will be smart enough to disregard the duplicate coming from Connect?

I would want to ideally keep the Connect to TR connection so my outdoor rides get uploaded to TR. I am thinking that if I try and leave them both uploading to Strava as the link it’ll lead to a mess?

It’d be ideal if I could tell Garmin, only share outdoor rides or something :man_shrugging:

Yes, but Garmin isn’t. It will see two workouts, you manually delete the second in Garmin Connect.


Thanks. I was thinking I could turn off the sharing TR → Garmin? Leave it going the other way?

I stopped dual recording. I just do the indoor workout in TR. it sends it to Connect. If you look at the workout in Connect, you DO NOT see the “Training Effect” data lines listed, but something is happening behind the scenes, because the Anaerobic, High, and Low fields in Training Status DO get updates. Once someone explained that to me, I just quit dual recording.


Oh, I was never getting any performance updates from my TR workouts when I had them sending to Connect. I stopped it though as I realised it was uploading them all as activities to my 130+ as well which was a pain to go through and delete.

Highly likely I was doing something wrong though. Very keen to learn.

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I don’t know if I’m missunderstanding anything here or if it’s different for different Garmin devices but there’s no need to dual record in my experience.
TR sends the data to Garmin Connect, next time my Garmin device (usually my Fenix) syncs it gets that data, processes it and sends it back to connect.
Recovery time and other metrics are then updated in the app.

I think what tricks a lot of users is the fact that the physio true up actually happens on the device so the TR-recorded workout need to be synced to a device and then back to Connect before you see it there.


It’s not an experience thing but a choice.

The data TR sends is not the same as the data Garmin records.

So either you decide that you don’t care, you only record on Garmin, or there is some level of duplication.


For example HRV data, unless something has changed, that isn’t being recorded by TR. Some of the more interesting metrics on Garmin use HRV.


This is the best answer here. Garmin made this change about a year ago. Everything gets updated, you just don’t see the “math” they use to get there.

So, just using TR import to Garmin gives your watch enough data to do it’s thing, but duel recording will let you see the data that isn’t shown.

There might be a few minor things that don’t come over, but unless you’re the 1% that could harness any of that data, I don’t see the point of the mess duel recording can cause. That being said, once the new watches (and their software) are in the wild, we’ll know if this theory of mine is still accurate. :slight_smile:

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This is the one thing that could be true with the new metrics…but…if you’ve got the watch on anyway, just not recording…shouldn’t it have this data??? That’s the biggest thing I’m wondering right now.

I don’t have a Garmin watch. There are some interesting things I get from the new metrics on my Edge 530. Enough that I was dual recording when using TR. Then simplified by dropping TR recording and doing all workouts inside and outside on my 530, it’s far easier and simpler having a single user experience. But I also found dropping Erg to have benefits, and at that point it’s just easier to not have a computer or phone in the loop. Definitely not a popular opinion or choice on TR forum!!!


It SHOULD, but the question I’d love to see answered is, “does it?”. And if it does (or even if it doesn’t and we start a workout to fix that), how much are we losing by using a wrist monitor? I have a Fenix 6, which does much better wrist based hr than my older Fenix did, but it still doesn’t compare to the quality of my chest based HRM data during exercise.

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That’s the bigger question, but I don’t see anyway for any of us to know. Just how much deviation is too much deviation?


I’ll get one or two HRV outliers a day on an Apple Watch.

On the bike with an HRM, more data to cleanup outside vs inside, but inside is not totally clean. Garmin dual HRM chest strap.