What is the recommended setup to use the TR calendar?


This the schema of the current setup I used to sync all my cycling training files.
I’m using this setup for years.

Indoor Training:

  1. TR iPhone app connected to the Kicker, and upload to TR website. ( I don’t use power matching, because with the Kicker power it feels more smooth.)
  2. Garmin Edge connected to Power2Max and upload to Garmin connect.

Outdoor Training:

  1. Road/MTB connected to Garmin edge and upload to Garmin connect.


  1. Garmin connect is only used as sync bridge.
  2. Upload to Strava for the kudos.
  3. Use Training Peaks as my main cloud storage, and because of it integration with WKO5.
  4. I used WKO5 on a local PC as the main analysis tool.

Need Advice:
TrainerRoad calendar is now more mature product.
I start to use Adaptive Training and it looks promising.
Till now I used TrainerRoad calendar only for indoor workouts. Now I want to sync also my outdoor workouts.

  1. What is the recommended way to sync TrainerRoad and Garmin connect without duplicate workouts on both sides?
  2. I’m doing the same indoor workout with two power sources. Can you identify that it is the same workout and not duplicate it?

I hope it is clear, thank you for your help.


I think this should do what you want. I don’t use TP or WKO, but I have Garmin, Strava, and TR all sharing data with each other and I don’t ever seem to get any duplicates.

TR recognizes activities that happen AT THE SAME TIME and come from different sources. Strava does too.

IF you connect Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad, it will sync your indoor and outdoor activities.

When doing indoor, TR will show you their recording through the TR app and disregard the one coming from Garmin Connect.

When doing an outdoor, TR will sync the ride from Garmin Connect and show it in the Calendar as an outdoor ride.

The only issue I have is that my indoor rides also get duplicated in Garmin Connect. I just delete the TR rides in Garmin connect. Garmin connect doesn’t seem smart enough to realize it is the same ride. TR rides will show in Connect with -TrainerRoad after their name.

You can turn off TR to Garmin Connect if you will always double record in your head unit.

This is how I have mine setup for the most part but it has been complicated by the fact that it doesn’t look like Garmin is pushing non-Garmin activities through to other services.

For example, I have TR push to GC which pushes to intervals.icu. And recently my TR rides stopped showing up in intervals.

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I got rid of duplicate workouts this way

I have Strava, Garmin Connect, TR & Intervals.icu.

  1. Indoor rides (all on TR) are synced directly to Strava.

1.1. Strava syncs to Intervals.icu

2.1. Outdoor rides and workouts sync to Garmin Connect.

2.2. Garmin Connect syncs to Strava

2.3. Strava syncs all rides to TR and Intervals.icu

No duplicates on Strava, TR or Intervals.icu. No idea on Garmin Connect as it’s purely a conduit to the other services.

This should solve the problem:

Assuming TR continues to handle removing duplicate indoor rides.

TrainerRoad Account > Ride Sync

I record on both TR and Garmin while riding indoors to get the Training Effect and Load metrics on my Garmin, and use one-way sync from Garmin to TR (in the TR settings) to get my outside rides onto TR, but not have duplicated indoor recordings on Garmin.

So in your diagram:

That is correct. I’ve confirmed with them, in the past, that they do not do this.

I do this as well. I also have Xert and others sync’ing to Strava (Xert doesn’t push app rides to Garmin). It’s a huge mishmash. Most everyone can filter duplicate workouts. My only oddity is Today’s Plan, which I need to sync manually, if using TR app, or uploading manually to Garmin if using Xert.