Duplicate workouts

Hi, new to the community here, but have been using TR on and off for a year or two. I’m using the following: Garmin Fenix3HR, Kickr Snap and TR. Recently started back to training after a couple of months break. Have noticed that now my workouts are being recorded twice on Garmin Connect. First as the usual “Indoor Cycling”, and then again as a TrainerRoad workout, with the workout name. Currently I’m just going in and deleting one or the other of the duped workouts, but I’m concerned that this is messing with other metrics, such as intensity minutes and calories burned. Anyone else run into this, and any strategies to fix it?

I think it’s the ride sync to garmin wihch does this. Same thing happens to me, as I have it on. I’m doing the same as you, so deleting the duplicate from GC. Haven’t dug deeper about the activity minutes etc., because I’m not that concerned about them.

I think the only solution ATM is to disable the automatic ride sync either from your Garmin device to GC, of from TR to GC. Or has anyone found any other solution?

Thanks, that sounds right. I turned ride sync on so that outdoor rides would sync to TR, but didn’t realize indoor TR workouts would sync to GC. Wonder if its possible to have one without the other?

No, I don’t think so.

This also happens to me for a couple of days now. Was fine before.

I already sent out an email to TR customer service on sunday, have yet to hear back from them.

Have you turned on the ride sync between TR and GC recently, or has it been on for longer already?

No, I’m using ride sync with Strava, TP & GC without change since February. Until a couple of days ago (saturday was the first occurence) it seemed to identify these rides just fine and was able to completely avoid duplicates. I’m wondering if something changed in one of these APIs?

I’m having the same issue. This started immediately after the Calendar feature was launched. I thought it was because I was using the beta version, so, I uninstalled it and tried again with the official version. Same thing. I’ve sent in a help request, but, I think TR is either swamped with bugs that they are backlogged or just not fixing the issues from the calendar launch until they decide to get around to it.

The ride sync should be seamless. Now, I have to edit plans in a desktop version of the TR website and have to constantly delete duplicates from my Garmin Connect. Its like I need a personal IT staff just to log my workouts and organize it all.

I really miss just simply having a plan that would tell me what the next workout scheduled and doesn’t instantly skip if you miss a day. Also, syncing worked perfectly up until the calendar started. Sigh, like I’m pedaling backwards here…

Same issue here with duplicate workouts in Garmin Connect. Problem only started recently.