Garmin Sync Issues

hi this is a Garmin issue but thought someone may know how to solve it
I rode outside yesterday and normally my workout would load into TR but I have it showing in the history in my 520 but can’t get it to sync
My Garmin express says i am upto date but in Connect it has my last sync as 12/10/19 which was that last time i rode outside
All my TR workouts are in there.
can anyone help?

  1. try disconnecting and repairing the 520 with your phone

  2. connect the 520 to a pc and see if Garmin express will do a sync for you.

  3. connect 520 to a PC and manually upload the ride file to the Garmin connect website.

12/10 as in 12th October or 10th December? I’m assuming the latter.

I had similar with my old 510 - all syncing stopped at around the time GDPR was introduced here in the UK so I conflated the two. It turned out that the unit was dying.

Are you recording your TR workouts through the Garmin or via computer/tablet/phone? If via the Garmin then it’s very odd that indoor workouts are being synced but not outdoor rides.


done 1 a few times (IOS13 issues??)
deleted my device from Garmin Express and added it again
Not sure how to do 3 on a MAC
ill keep trying though.Thanks

Your 520 should appear as a usb key. Just browse the file structure for the activities folder then copy the last ride from there. Sign into and hit the upload button at the top right.


Yes the workouts are through an i pad and i don’t use my 52o maybe time to move to a wahoo element as had loads of issues with garmin

My 530 doesn’t sync properly when it is connected to my phone via Bluetooth AND to my home wifi. I switched off the wifi all together and re-paired my phone. Haven’t had an issue since.

Thanks. My data is sitting in the ride history on my 520 but I can’t access.
I put a manual entry on TR as I was substituting this for an indoor ride

Same issue here.
Have an outdoor run activity measured with Garmin and synced via Bluetooth to Garmin without problem.
I see it published from Garmin to Strava but don’t see it in TR…
Disconnected and Reconnected, resynced but no effect…

If my outdoor training don’t sync to TR, would it have any impact to the training plan?

TrainerRoad will not sync runs. TR only syncs cycling workouts.