Garmin Connect Issue

Is anyone else having issues with TR workouts (not) going to Garmin Connect? Or when they do eventually go over, they seem incomplete, or at least don’t provide any Training Load data etc.

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Didn’t have any issue yesterday. Changed a workout to outside. Saw it in Connect a few moments later ans was pushed correctly to my 530.

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I had something similar a while back where workouts from TR were not getting into the Garmin data. In TR I turned off and then turned back on Garmin syncing and it fixed it for me.


This, when Strava dropped the new video update my Garmin connect was not uploading to Strava. I disconnected GC from Strava and re-added it and have I have not been having issues since.


My garmin 530 never seems to sync into my phone so i have to upload via the computer. I have deleted and re added everything 2 times

My 530 will not sync to my phone unless I open the App and then hit the manual update button.

I would add that you should go through all of your bluetooth devices and delete all Garmin items off your phone and then go to connect and delete the 530 from the phone. Re-add it to the GC and it should help.

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Im not seeing any widespread reports on this, so it may be Garmin related. You’re getting some good advice here, but if you’re still struggling, for sure feel free to reach out to and they can help check for Garmin firmware updates, any settings that may be causing issues, etc.

I have a support ticket open but they haven’t come back yet after the initial contact. I assumed it was to do with my Garmin device firmware update that happened the other day on my watch, except it’s inconsistent and intermittent with the 530 as well.

When I try to re-sync my recent rides I get an error code. Am I not understanding what re-sync does?

That’s the only reason I wonder if there’s some issue with the sending of data from TR.

You’re right though that it is most likely Garmin related. I just can’t seem to find a solution that sticks.

Thanks heaps :love_you_gesture:.

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Awesome, glad you touched base, I’ll check in with support and you’ll hear back from them. We’ll get you sorted!

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iPhone and Garmin 530, both running latest software. Haven’t had a sync issue in a long long time, and even then, it came and went quickly. Are you running the latest? Both iPhone and Android make sure Garmin Connect is setup to run in the background.

Check that first, and then this:

or call Garmin to get them to walk you thru troubleshooting. In fact I’d make sure software versions are up-to-date, followed by checking background setting in iPhone/Android, and then call Garmin. Here in the US the Garmin support line is quick to answer the phone and help out.

Update, mostly for @IvyAudrain I don’t know if anyone gave things a nudge in the background or if it was something device/Garmin related that has changed, but my last two rides have synced fine.

I’ll keep an eye on it and go back to Support if it starts again.

Thanks heaps!

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