Garmin still not getting TR outdoor workouts

Given that Garmin servers are still not working properly, TR outdoor workouts are not pushed to any Garmin devices, yet. Does anyone have any interesting tips on how to do an outdoor workout without having it on your Garmin device? No problem if the workout is a steady state at same watts for prolonged period of time; the problem is when there are lots of changes throughout the workout, how can I do them outdoors? Thanks.

Check out the workouts you already have on your Garmin, if you’ve been doing outdoor TR rides for a while, you probably have a lot of workouts in there and can do something similar that you already have loaded into your Garmin

I was able to sign into Garmin Connect on my computer, went to the workouts section, clicked the workout and then send to device. It then uploaded the workout to my Garmin with Garmin Express. It didn’t show up in the calendar but the workout was on my device.

How do you access previous workouts? I’ve noticed that if I move my schedule around or skip a workout it disappears from my head unit (Edge 530). Messed with it a bit to see if I could track it down on there somewhere but no luck.

It’s under training, then workouts on my 1030. It has a big list of all workouts that have been loaded into the device

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I’ve been using outdoor workouts since April and only have 3 on my device (thankfully Ebbets was close enough to Tuesday’s workout and I had to use it again today because Garmin Connect didn’t sync).

  1. Is there an optimal time frame for sending to head unit? I usually do it the day before.
  2. Why do some workouts stay on head unit and others vanish?
  3. Anyone else having troubles since the hack?
  4. Is there a way to check the head unit to see if the workout did in fact sync? Usually I just pick my bike profile and it says “Do Bald Knob” or whatever the workout and I just hit yes.

Thanks for any input!

Same here. Doesn’t upload automatically anymore.

Mine still went automatically yesterday. Old edge 520. Just had to make sure it synced with the app via Bluetooth first. Once it said download complete the workout was there as normal.