Garmin Rally Power Meter Pedals: Look Road, Shimano Road & MTB

What’s the sentiment about the newest software update and temp calibration? Resolved issues making it a solid option to recommend to athletes? @GPLama are you still reticent to give them a thumbs up?

It’ll be a while before I’m able to test the temperature issue I had with auto-zero and direct sunlight here in mid-summer… unless I pull out a hairdryer or something similar to heat up one pedal for ‘science’.

That aside, I was still able to make the set I have drift after a 1200W+ sprint a few weeks back. The numbers returned to normal after I stopped and did a manual zero. The drift I’m seeing is ~10W @~200W or so. When manually zeroing after one of these sprints there’s a positive torque number shown on the Edge unit (~1.0) that returns to ~0 when the ‘zero’ has taken place… then the numbers line up again. :thinking:

I’ll loop back to the Rally again when I have time. As it stands, I have other meters that perform better.


Thanks. I’ll stick with recommending Power2Max and Favero.

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@GPlama @SpeedyChix

anecdotal, but, Went for a ride this morning and the garage was a solid 10+ degrees warmer than outside, I calibrated before I left the garage, and again when I finished my ride. the values given at the end of the ride were +/- .06 at the end which are normal post calibration numbers for my set of XC200’s, Before the new FW, they would show a +/-1.x in that scenario at the end of the ride.


Yeah, I’m learning to deal with that. My old bike on the trainer has 175mm cranks, and my road bike has 172,5mm. I have to be careful not powering up my Edge 520 at the same time as my Assiomas if they are on the trainer - as soon as they connect (one floor away in the house) it overrides the crank length. Last time that happened was me loading a TR outside workout on my Edge right after fixing something on the trainer bike; that had activated the pedals, and they were still up when I powered the Edge up.

@ Cory.Rood Thanks.