Garmin Rally Power Meter Pedals: Look Road, Shimano Road & MTB

175mm - I’d definitely look to upgrade to 170mm cranks.

Of course it depends on the type of terrain and riding you do. I ride lots of natural trails with a lot of tech climbing. I never had any issues breaking a pedal previously…

Yeah, 175 is long. I’d also give some thought to whether you’re mashing when you should be floating or ratcheting. I don’t mean to sound overly critical, we all have things to work on, especially when it comes to mtb technique!

Yes could be - I am relatively new so have loads to work on. I still don’t think 2 broken pedals is a good sign.

Just checking my bike geometry. The BB drop/height is 65mm - whereas other short travel bikes seem closer to 45mm. So i think the low BB combined with a thick pedal and 175mm cranks make it more susceptible to pedal strikes.

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no, i’m rocking an elite, top of the line Sram XX drivetrain…from 2011. i looked into left crank arm PMs from Stages and others and I don’t think any are compatible

How much space do you have between your crankarm and chainstay? I bet it can fit. Is that a 156 (130mm inside arm to arm) or 168mm crank (141mm)? (using Rival alloy and Force carbon)

Road Q factor is 145 (carbon) or 150 (alloy) on 86.5 spindle. The MTB is 156 on 3mm more of spindle. Some of that Q factor difference is spindle is crankarm dimension. The road cranks are built around a 86.5 spindle and the MTB spec 91.5mm, so for the non-drive crankarm subtract 3mm. You’re looking at 151mm (MTB) vs 150/145mm (-1mm to +2mm per side). On the outside, if your go carbon, you’d just run a pedal washer on the PM side if you’re anal about it.

Now inside… Take the W3 or W5 measurement minus the spindle half

                                                            MTB         Road (carbon)   Clearance change NDS 
chainstay inside clearance              19mm         ~16.7mm         =          -2mm

                                                            MTB         Road (alloy)   Clearance change NDS 
chainstay inside clearance              19mm         ~17.6mm        =          -1.5mm

I’m thinking you should be OK, the MTB crank arm is just a bit narrower on the inside by 2mm or so. Just add that to the Stages clearance test. If you go carbon, run a pedal washer.

Having said all that… a used Stages GXP is $200 - 300; new is too much.
ALso this - 2016 Stages X9 GXP 170 Power Meter For Sale 2019 Stages Rival Power Meter Left Crankarm 175mm For Sale

A rival wide PM DUB is $370, but you’ll need to run a DUB BB ($40). It’d got a touch narrower chainline you can compensate for with a spacer or running a 11/12sp chain. You probably also need to change the gearing ($100). So you’re at $500.
Assomio Uno + pedal body = $386+ 100.

Wrapped up a couple of long (for me) gravel rides these past two weekends in New England. My XC 200 pedals have been solid. I received a low battery warning the morning of my event last weekend but the pedals were fine for all 5 hours of the ride. I forget how much time you have left when you get the warning, but all was well. I have them on a Diverge (2019) and 170mm cranks. My only remaining issue is some intermittent dropping of Cycling Dynamics. It happens primarily on indoor rides. I have not captured it on outdoor rides and am still working with Garmin Support on the issue.