Resolved: Unbelievability strong

Between Tuesday and today (Thursday), I became 250% stronger :grinning: Yeah, I’d like to believe that, but clearly there’s a technical problem. I have Garmin Rally XC200 pedals. They are set to auto-zero. I’m guessing they did the auto-zero when I was in the pedals (and applying quite a bit of power).

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It’s the opposite of what happened to me with Quarq MagicZero:

I got unbelievably weak :rofl: for a brief moment


I’m using a Karoo 2 headset. I think I need to wake up the pedals and calibrate them via my phone as soon as I park the car. I lock the phone in the car. Not sure if I can do the calibration from the Karoo 2.

Ha! I bought a 4iiiiiiiiii PM on clearance, which did the same. Personal power beats across the board.

The cadence was reading right, the strain was not.
Here’s my Kickr v faulty PM.

What’s whacky is that I was doing a lot of MTB steep climbs that day, which were new for me as I live in flatlandia. I was deep into the red on some of the climbs. The peak/ sub-1m power was about right; Low power stuff seemed about right; so I couldn’t be sure it was all that wrong till i tested it. :slight_smile:


This could be an explanation for some of the cycling noobs that report 300+ FTPs after just a few months of training, at least I hope it is…

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I think I’ve deleted my dodgy readings but my first limits pm seemed very susceptible to changes in temperature and if it started of sub zero and warmed up to above it would read superman values. It seemed better after the refit and gave me mostly good data for a bit (I say mostly because if you pedalled consistently it would read ok but erratic pedalling could cause it to drop out). The battery seals started to go during the first lockdown and it took that long for new seals to arrive (pre lock down it had been overnight) it was hungry on the silver type batteries it used anyway that I migrated to a 4iii’s.

My greatest goal in cycling is to upgrade from single sided power pedals to dual sided pedals and my FTP immediately doubles, LOL!

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Hmm, here’s another thought. My pedals are dual sided. I wonder if something thinks they are single-sided pedals and are doubling the power.


I don’t believe those pedals are intended for outdoor use.

Not for use outdoors… say what now???

See the quote above for pedals in use. I am totally confused how those are not set for outer use.

I’d love to see the state of your living room in that case

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  • I know that Favero Assioma’s can fall victim to something like that, depending on the setting applied within their app. I have not heard of similar issues with Garmin, but checking in the app settings is probably worth a look until someone with direct knowledge can shed light here.

I was about to link in the product page as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

And to his general comment (not for outside), I can’t think of a single pedal-based power meter that is “inside-only”, nor can I for any power meter in any form.

At best, the one consideration that might be at play is those that convert the Assioma road pedals to dirt use with the various MTB style SPD body swaps. Outside of that, I have no idea where his concept even originated. Just a head scratcher for me.

Yeah this happened to me. I have single sided which zwift and trainerroad recognize and automatically double for Bluetooth connections. My head unit did not auto convert so read half of my actual power. I almost died that day.

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Yeah, that was my thinking too, why would you make SPD pedals for indoors, not to mention most trainers how power meters, why would anyone want power meter pedals for indoors.

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I went to 450+ in two weeks. I’d love to believe that :grinning:

After turning off auto-zero and manually calibrating the pedals right before the ride, I got perfectly reasonable (a little depressing, but perfectly reasonable) numbers.


And I was able to do that right from the Karoo 2.

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Come on gang, it’s sarcasm. I have not heard good things on the durability of the XC Garmin pedals. My co-worker is on a HV TR plan and has cooked 2 sets already.

We used this phrase in shops all the time when products didn’t hold up as advertised, “not for outdoor use”

I’ll use an emoticon next go-round… :wink:

As is so common, sarcasm fails miserably in pure text. A total lack of emoji, /s or any other clear indicator don’t help your case. Dead pan delivery is literally dead in text only.

Inside jokes like this are great, but a total lack of context or shared experience also leaves us blind.