Favero ASSIOMA PRO MX-2, new SPD power meter pedals

*The “pre-series” units available for booking belong to a very first limited production which precedes the start of mass production.
The product has completed a careful beta testing phase carried out by specialized technicians, professional athletes and high-level amateurs.
The assembly phase is perfected during this very first production.

Assioma PRO MX is the revolutionary pedal power meter for MTB and gravel, 100% SPD® compatible.
It can be used both with the cleats supplied and with the original Shimano® SM-SH51 ones.

It inherits the reliability and extreme precision of Favero road potentiometer pedals, integrating unparalleled resistance to shocks and trail challenges.

Easy to install and universally compatible

The Favero Assioma PRO MX pedals with potentiometer can be installed and moved from one bike to another like any other pedal: in a few minutes, without special tools and without assistance from a mechanic.

Thanks to the integration of both Bluetooth and ANT+, they are also compatible with the majority of cycle computers and smart watches on the market, as well as with the major training apps such as Zwift, Strava, Bkool, Trainerroad, Rouvy and many others.

A compact pin to protect the technology

All electronic components and the integrated rechargeable battery are completely enclosed within an extremely compact and resistant pin.

Thanks to the strategic position of the rechargeable battery and therefore the absence of electrical contacts, unpleasant inconveniences of battery-related dropouts, which are typical of replaceable batteries, are thus avoided.
Furthermore, without battery compartments or compartments that can be opened and closed, water, mud and dust cannot enter, thus guaranteeing extreme reliability even in adverse weather conditions.

The product is IP67 certified.

Ultra resistant against shocks and impacts

The 6061-T6 aluminum pedal body is extremely robust and ultra-light, ready to tackle the most challenging terrains.
The attachment system has a hardness of up to 800 HV, for impact resistance never seen before in a pedal power meter.

The IAV Power system and the data measured by Assioma PRO MX

Thanks to the special IAV Power System, Assioma’s measurements take into account our irregular pedaling (e.g. sprints, climbs) or the use of oval chainrings when calculating power, thus guaranteeing an accuracy of ±1% in any situation.

Assioma PRO MX offers extremely complete data reading via ANT+ and Bluetooth.

The visible data is:

  • Power
  • Cadence
  • Left/Right balance
  • PCO (Platform Center Offset)
  • PP (Power Phase)
  • TE (Torque Efficiency)
  • PS (Pedaling Uniformity)
  • RP (Rider Position)

Real L/R balance data, not estimated

The data provided by Assioma PRO MX-2 is based on measurements taken separately on the right and left sides.
This allows you to accurately observe not only the total power, but also the left/right balance which therefore translates into a real and non-estimated data reading.

Rechargeable and eco

Assioma PRO MX uses integrated rechargeable batteries: a single charge guarantees at least 60 hours of use.
Charging takes place via a magnetic system which avoids any problems related to accidental tugging of the charging cable.

screen capture just in case they change the price

[credit to “kenji” in another post]


Thats a great price especially if the pedal bodies hold up. I have SHI-DUO’s and would strongly consider upgrading because I am wary of the pedal strikes to the PM body that happen once every so often.

Great to see they are continuing to be a quality and economical alternative.


Oh wow! This is fantastic.

…except I just received a new road pair I was going to convert yesterday. :grimacing:


I don’t think you should worry - the text in the picture says it’s only available in Italy. But man, they do look nice to me.

We’ll get them in the rest of the world in Spring. I’m looking forward to it! I need to finally sell my barely used Garmin SPD pedals!

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That’s awesome. Can’t wait until they come to the US

Looking forward to getting rid of my garmin rally pedals on the gravel bike.

Why is everyone wanting to move on from their Garmin Rally XC?




Really good stack height?
Just want to know the pedal offset.


Pedal weight with power metre: 191.4 g

Battery: Lithium, Rechargeable

Battery life: at least 60 hours

Radio communication: Bluetooth, ANT+

Power measurement accuracy: ±1%

Thermal compensation: -10°C/+55°C

Waterproof rating: IP67

Stack height: 11.2 mm

Compatible cleats:

Tacchettes supplied with the supplied (art. 773-00-62)

Shimano® SM-SH51 Tacchette

Bike type: MTB, XC, CX, gravel

Italian products

Warranty: 2 years


60 whole grams, man!

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At least for me I have run into a few issues with the battery draining quickly or it reporting half charge with brand new ones.

Also have had several instances where it takes forever to calibrate or errors out 2-3 times before correctly reporting calibration.

I also suspect but cannot prove that it over reads. Would need to go properly look at the files but when doing longer endurance rides my np is 10-20w higher than what it feels like compared to my road bike. I will throw it on the turbo trainer one of these days to double check.

Edit: nothing that makes me hate the unit but enough little frustrations compared to the absolute perfection I have had with assiomas to make me want to go get some greener grass.

Edit: One big thing that probably influences the power is the auto temperature compensation that is supposed to happen but does not, although not sure if that is still an issue. A lot of my rides in the winter are on the cooler side and that is where I notice this the most. Bike comes out of a 20ish c room and into a 2-10c environment where I calibrate it then go on my way. I could probably stop in 10-15m and recalibrate but all my other ones handle it just fine.

  1. Squeaks
  2. Batteries
  3. Unidentified random issues
  4. Garmin

This is great news. I was looking at doing the SPD hack for the Favero uno I own (and then getting a new road version) as I want to do more training on my all road where I use SPD cleats.
Will be constantly refreshing the DC Rainmaker page to see how they stack up to existing Favero line up and if the power readings will be close enough that we could have two pedal systems that give near enough the same power numbers for the average amongst us :slight_smile:

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I tested my Rallys on the Kickr and they read around 6W higher (longer efforts, pretty consistently / multiple tests). Tested on lower watts, maybe the difference is bigger with higher watts.

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I much prefer the feel of my Look Carbon Ti over the Garmin Rally XCs, so if these can bring the same or better data with the feel of a high end pedal, I’ll switch for sure. Nothing wrong with the Garmins, they just feel kinda meh.

Pedals will / should read a little higher than a trainer power meter. The chain, cassette will add an amount of drain / power loss. I see this when comparing my quarq spider to my Neo 2T. It’s actually a good way to see drivetrain losses from a poorly maintained chain too by dual-recording in different scenarios.

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Do you use look cleats with the rally xc? Just curious if they work fine (i like more float)

This is exciting, I’d love to have power MTB pedals but am not willing to pay that much for Farmin or SRM. Faveros past reliability makes me hopeful these will be durable and accurate too

I can’t spot any mention of changes to the bearings.

My experience is that the original duo pedal bearings don’t survive winter riding on the road so I wouldn’t expect them to fare well on wet, muddy off-road rides.