Garmin Rally power meter pedals calibration

Broke some personal power records yesterday, but I didn’t calibrate the pedals before I started. Anyone have an idea how much difference this will make? Are we talking 30W? 100W?

Impossible question to answer, even if you had given more information.
Provided that they are working correctly, torqued down properly, were calibrated for your prior ride, and enviro/riding conditions were similar… not much at all.

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Ok so a bit more info:

Only recently got the power pedals (a few weeks ago). Have had a Power2Max power meter on the roadie since January - it calibrates itself any time I stop pedalling and has proved to be pretty consistent. Have been doing a lot more MTB riding over the past few months so my power data from the roadie and trainer (I use the Power2Max data on the trainer) is minimal during that time. I use for all my data. Have not done any max efforts on the roadie for a while. So the estimates for my FTP on have been going down gradually when in fact it’s likely to have gone up based on what I’ve been seeing with my heart rate and times for various segments (including 3 KOMs the previous week). After yesterday’s ride the machine learning at says it’s estimate for my FTP is +102W on what it previously thought. I have no doubt it has increased and yesterday’s efforts were after only a single 90min ride last week so I was very fresh. I’m not naive enough to think I’ve increased my FTP by a legit 102W in the last few months though lol.

Yesterday the power meter said I did 8min @ ~424W. I was watching it during this climb and it felt like at least a mid-high 300s effort and I figured I would start to fade at 4-5min but my legs said “nope, I’m happy let’s keep going at this effort”.