Garmin Edge 1040 Released

I’ve had the occasional problem with the SRAM app, but nothing that seemed related to the TyreWiz. Back with the 830, adding the two TyreWizs and assigning them wheels and setting the parameters went smoothly. Accessing the TyreWizs are fine too and I updated their firmware through the app just this weekend. But I’m on an iPhone, like @WindWarrior, so that’s a major difference. Good luck!

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This week I’ve had 99 new bike tech problems, that’s not one of them. I’m also on IOS for the AXS app.

If you can get an IOS device - Install the AXS app and check for firmware. iirc there was a TyreWiz update a few months back.


Adding them via the search icon top right rather than the “add to bike” button seems to completely alleviate the issue.

Seems mental that this has been broken (if you google / look at reviews) since May 2022. It’s got to be an easy fix, how have they not fixed that?!

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