Garmin Edge 1050 Released

Key features:

  • 3.5 inch display (same size as 1040) with higher pixel density (480x800 vs 282x470)
  • Brighter transmissive liquid crystal display (LCD) instead of a transflective LCD
  • New UI
  • Integrated speaker which can offer audio prompts for workout and navigation cues, and the ability to play a bell sound
  • On-device course creator has been updated
  • More prominent GroupRide feature with new road hazard alerts and visual indication displaying other group members on a climb
  • In-ride leaderboards and group messaging
  • 64GB internal storage
  • Gamin Pay built in

RRP: £649.99 / $699.99 / €699.99


  • Battery life reduced from 35hrs to 20hrs (but up to 65hrs in battery save mode)
  • No solar version
  • 161g (+28g from 1040)

Big step back for a user like me, So many negatives for me that I can’t even consider it. :frowning_face:


$700. :flushed:


Also note the change in the 1/4 turn mount position is going to cause a few problems. 3x bikes it won’t fit on here.


Hadn’t heard there was one on the way, but there’s nothing about it that sounds interesting to me. $700 saved. Does that mean I can buy new wheels instead?

(Ok, voice prompts for navigation would be nice. But to make them useful, you’ll likely have to spend a ton of time setting up the gpx file, which I’m unlikely to do.)

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Will have to watch the first look videos but from the description I’m not enthused.

As an Ultra-Distance rider, I imaging the experience with voice prompts would go like this:

24+ hours in, in the pitch black(screen is black because I need to use battery saver and I can’t plug a charger into the computer because it’s too close to the stem), all alone, all of a sudden someone is talking to me.

I’d probably crash or :poop: myself :rofl:


Don’t want to be “that guy” but someone is going to raise the inflation argument about how the 1030 was $599 in 2017 or something.

But yikes…$700 is just :exploding_head:


Voice prompts working right away from a Strava route I synced across to the 1050. (The existing EDGE units have an option for Connect to speak route turns too via mobile)


Man that does not sound enticing, at all, the better screen is nice but not at the cost of that much Battery life imo. All the other features aren’t all that interesting imho. Maybe I get an 850 when it drops… or snag a cheap 840 after the 850 launch if the battery life there is also worse.

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:+1:t2: Happy with my 1040 solar.


I have a 1040. At this point, with most AXS accessories using Bluetooth, I think the head unit could/should just be replaced by an app on my phone. I’m brining it anyway,

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I agree… in Sweden, its closer to $900 here with sales tax and whatnot… Which is bananas, because the Karoo is around $650 and the Roam V2 is like $400.

Wahoo has to release something soon… I mean, Karoo and Garmin both released their new computers the past few weeks.

Feels out of place, considering now that you can get new Orbea Orca with 105 Di2 for around $3600 and new SuperSix Eco with 105 Di2 for $4500.

Then Garmin comes and wants almost $1000 for a head unit. Nah.


Can you explain further? I don’t see much about this.

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In his video, he shows that the mount moved higher up the device, which means the device no longer fits some of his setups because when you attempt to turn the unit to lock it in, it hits the handlebars.


I haven’t had a chance to look at the videos yet, but does the thing still have all the responsiveness of a 2008 Android phone? I like my 1040, but everything seems to move at 10 fps on that thing.

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What I meant is, I imagine you get voice prompts at the points where you currently get visual prompts. But they often aren’t where I need them - I often see prompts where the route is obvious, but none when they would be useful, for example at forks in the road. I think I could add navigations points into my file, and would then get prompts for the turn, but it’s a lot of extra faff I’m unlikely to do.

I’ve got an 840 and zero issues with navigation, including routing thru roundabouts and forks in the road.