Anybody move from edge 530 to 1040?

I’ve had the Edge 530 for a couple of years and it’s been fine but am considering moving to the 1040 primarily for the screen size and as an added bonus the newer training metrics. I tend to like one main data screen with the data I want to see and it works for the edge 530 but larger would be better.

Wondering if anybody here has made that move and are you happy with it?

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I moved from the 530 to the 1040 Solar. Zero regrets. The bigger screen is very nice.

That said, $600 is a lot to pay for a bigger screen and a few more bells and whistles.


I’m using the 530/830/1030/1040/etc daily. A few quick observations on the 1040…

  • The bigger screen is easier to read/glance. No doubt about it.
  • Using something like the map + MapDashboard ConnectIQ field (6 data fields) is better with the larger screen.
  • Touchscreen works very well.
  • Battery life on the 1040 is brilliant. I have the Solar. It’s summer here. The thing goes on and on and on.
  • USB-C is not essential but handy.
  • It’s expensive. Here in AU the 1040 is $1049 the Solar being $1299. Nuts pricing considering the kind of tech you get when purchasing a laptop computer at the same price point.

While the x30 series pretty much all share the same features, Garmin have started to push the x40 series ahead. x40 has the new UI, livetrack messaging, and other things I can’t remember…

tldr; 1040 is a nice step up from the 530 if you’re a power user.


Yeah. That’s the dilemma.

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Thanks for the tip on the ConnectIQ app

Touchscreen would be nice too. Had incident detection off this past weekend and it was a scramble trying to get it cancelled. lol touchscreen would have helped.

But yeah the price is a lot. It’s like $599 in the US so still quite pricey but not AUS pricey

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I’m still on the 1000. The battery only gets about 7 hours now so not ideal. Any news on the 540/840? I can’t really stomach the price of the 1040 and assume those will be a bit cheaper.


530 to 1040 non solar, zero regrets. I intended leaving the 530 (on my much less used MTB (central London)), but often end up picking up the 1040 instead.

Battery on 1040 (non solar) is incredible. After 12 hours of logging for the Marmotte, battery was I think at or above 80% at the end of the ride, and I can see it having consumed 6% of battery on a 2h ride at sub-zero temperatures (and certainly no sun to warm up either).

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I caved and ordered them 1040 non-solar. I got 20% off through my health insurance but still expensive (with what I pay for health insurance I should get 70% off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

So still pricey with 20% off but a tiny bit more tolerable.

Yes the 1040 is a great and well worth upgrading. Also, don’t import your old profile. I had an issue with some of the new features not being visible until I created a new one.

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I went 1030 plus to 1040 solar after getting a deal on the 1040 and selling the 1030 for a good chunk.

Feels silly to get the solar when it’s the dead of winter where I live but just finished a week cycling in Colombia and I didn’t even consider plugging the device in. After 7 days totaling 35 hours of ride time I think the battery was down to 45%.

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Thanks for the tip

Not charging your 1040 solar is going to be the new “I forgot to charge my etap/di2”

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Ha! Had a riding partner show up to a ride. His drive was an hour+ to get to where we were starting and he only realized battery was dead when he got there

That’s awesome!

You guys are way too fast, i just sold my 810 and upgraded to 830 last year :slight_smile:

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We will see you back here in 10 years when you upgrade to the 890 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Went from 530 to 1040 to Roam V2. I felt like re-routing was way better on 1040 than 530 and you have the bigger screen and better battery life. ClimbPro is a little gimmicky IMO. The grades aren’t exactly synced either - you’d be going up something steep and it’d say 2-3% and then when it flattens out, it woudl give you a 9-10%.

Personally, I didn’t think the 530 to 1040 upgrade was that significant - but can probably be justified if you need the bigger screen, battery life or better rerouting. I think the training metric stuff was just a nice-to-have, could easily live without.

I’m brand-agnostic for the most part, but I had so many issues (very possibly user error) that just made me give up on Garmin. Multiple rides deleted mid-ride (possibly due to hitting touchscreen? but no way would I have hit end ride and then discard), multiple rides ended early (2 in the rain, so again could’ve been touchscreen user error), multiple times turn by turn just would not work (using either strava routes or rwgps), etc. Got so frustrated, I went with Roam V2. There are many things I prefer on the Garmin, but there are a lot of things to like on the Roam as well.

I like the ClimbPro feature (it’s already on the 530). I just like getting an idea of what’s ahead and approximately how much time I have left climbing. The % climb isn’t critical to me as there’s not a ton I’ll do with that information.

The big screen is definitely a feature I wanted. The training metrics I enjoy. Not critical but nice to have. Battery life nice as well but 530 has decent battery life.

Since screen size was a big reason for me to upgrade the wahoo roam wouldn’t really make sense as it’s very close in size to the 530.

And I have a garmin watch so i’m in the Garmin ecosystem anyway. I’ve never had major issues with garmin. The only issue I ever had was many years ago with a fenix 2 crashing frequently.

The elevation percentage reading appears to be an average of your previous bit of riding. Climb pro is looking at upcoming. It’s not perfect as it’s trying to integrate the elevation profile and divide it into useable sections. This is noticeably bad in switchbacks during climbs where the upcoming percentage is overestimated.

You can easily lock the touch screen or turn the device off while paused to resume later.

For reroute- does Garmin still rely on your phone to calculate?

My 530 screen is busted but I’m holding out hoping there will be an 840 solar released here in a few months as rumored.

I don’t want to have to have 2 different computers and the 1040 is just too chonky for me want to use for racing.