Garmin Edge 840 predictions / wishlist

I’m just guessing here, but am hoping that a new Edge 840 might not be too far away. I currently have an 820, so for me to instabuy it, it would probably only need to be essentially a 1030+ in the form factor of an 830. However, here are some features that I’d like and think are totally plausible (largely based on fenix 7):

  • touchscreen AND buttons, so that if it’s raining hard or you have fat gloves on, you can drive it perfectly well without the touchscreen.
  • mobile app config - people have been asking for this for years, but now the fenix has it…
  • solar charging - my 820 only lasts a few hours, but for me the 830 would be good enough so I’m not too bothered about solar on an Edge. I can see it being useful for some scenarios though.
  • bigger screen / smaller bevel in same form factor. Doesn’t need higher resolution, but bit bigger would be nice.
  • folders or tags for routes. I have dozens of routes on my unit. It’s slow and silly to scroll through them all. Let me file them by region or ride type or something. Searching is annoying otherwise.

OK, that’s what’s popped into my head while sitting here injured and unable to ride. Anyone got any more ideas…?


Garmin, take my money and just launch it already!

Isn’t that just the 830? The “+” was basically giving the 1030 a performance boost so that it was as nippy as the 530 and 830.

I think we will see a 1040 before a 840.

Great wish list though - solar charging probably makes far more sense on a head unit than a watch that might get covered up. App config is all but certain surely with the Fenix 7 having it.


I wouldn’t expect the x40 series till June at earliest based on previous releases.

Don’t see the touch screen being different from the x30 series other then improved tech. Seems highly unlikely to bring back the joystick from the 705 and you don’t really need the touch screen for much during a ride anyway.

Thats probably coming to all devices (well all future devices)

Depends on the cost. Guessing theny will want to keep the 530 and 830 cheaper so not have solar as the battery is already really good. The 1030 may get it as they will need more to set the 1030 appart from the 830, plus is has more space for solar to fit.

This is more a technical limit. The device has to be very durable and the border helps with that. Might be able to shrink it some. Hoping for a bit higher resolution to make the mapping able to have more details

This requires a design of how routes are stored. Just support for folders wouldn’t be that great and users are probably too lazy in general to do much organizing on the device. Need some way of auto grouping so it can happen for you easily. Length, start location, etc So if I show up to a ride it can show me the courses that start nearby as I don’t really care about the ones far away.
Also need a way to label courses with more then just the filename. Changing the file format could be a major breaking issue but the APIs used by connect IQ apps to load courses should be able to tag courses it loads on the device

The 1030 was from aug 2017 came out before the x30 (april 2019) as the 1000 (june 2014) was very stale (820 was July2016, 520 was July2015 and x10 was Jan 2013) See no need to upgrade the 1030 first but if the 840/540 comes out soon and the features can’t be put on the 1030+ I don’t think they would want the 840 to be the best unit

Total rumors

I wasn’t going to buy anything from Garmin until they released a head unit with USB-C. Then last September I discovered that my aging 820 had a battery life of only 2 hours and I had a 4-hour race coming. So I settled on a 1030 Plus, thinking that the high-end models are supported a little longer. I’m glad to finally have a touchscreen that works, but I still wish it had USB-C.


I changed the battery of a friends 5 20, it was no problem to do… two little dots with a soldering iron.

Good to know. I’ve wondered about that. Maybe I’ll upgrade my 820.

my 520 battery life is under 2 hours now too, trying to hold out

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I’m thinking LTE is highly likely if Garmin considered the 945 LTE a success.

Faster cpu is pretty much a given.

DFA Alpha 1 built in, maybe. Especially if they can fix their ant+ code that calculates HRV data to better handle lost pages. (If you’ve seen the stories recently of how Ant+ works for alpha 1 on the data field that can pair directly to a strap you’ll see why this accuracy issue can be solved)

Will this be a small jump over the x30 line like the Fenix 7 was over the Fenix 6?

They could use the accelorometer in the edge to measure how smooth the road surface is. This could allow them to add road smoothness to the map data in the same way they offer popularity routing. Maybe use the data from the radar to show how much car traffic there is.

If they have LTE and they update the cloud of their current location they could have a better map view of showing where your friends are on the map. Maybe make it easier then just allowing friends by making it easy to track people near you. (People standing nearby can exchange a 4 digit code as a way to get permission and garmin can use the code with knowledge they are close to each other to allow tracking or do a data exchange over ble/ant like how you can send a course between headunits now) This could make group rides better by being able to know where others are. Could help with large events by being able to send a short message to sag with your location and allow the event to know where people are on the course. Might not even need LTE if its paired to a cell phone.

Text to speach support. i.e. functionality like a car gps so can tell you the road name to turn on.

All you need is a tiny torq bit (I used a little torq driver that i got in a Christmas cracker!), a soldering iron and a little bit of multicore solder… (which is solder with flux in it). His battery was about £12 off ebay. It does what he wants so saved himself a couple of hundred £’s.

If you can live without the beep function from memory I don’t think you even need solder or a soldering iron.

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As stated before the 1030+ was only to make the 1030 range the high end device again. The base 1030 selling at a higher price from the 830 while it was slower which wasn’t such a good thing. But I wouldn’t expect the 1030+ to get any features the x40 series get that aren’t also coming to the rest of the x30 series.

520 plus - April 2018 530 - April 2019
1030 plus - June 2020 So already had just under 2 years being out

I’d like to see a real-time ‘ClimbPro’ feature.

To use ClimbPro currently you need to be following a route/course for it to display. I’d like it to display generally for any climb you come across that meets certain predefined lengths and/or gradients.

I’d also like a few different options on the map/nav page - i.e. the current one full of detail, and a far more minimalist one that displays little more than the path you need to follow.

Bonus feature would be audible aids for the navigation - i.e. “in 50 metres turn left on X street”


How would it know which climb you plan to do. Roads don’t always have no places where you can turn and go a different way.

You can decrease the map detail now. I take it this is only for predefined routes. You don’t want cross streets and otherinformation to know you’re on the right path?

text to speech could be useful to replace the beep

As long as you are on a climb that meets your pre-defined length/gradient requirements then it displays as normal. If there are two possible routes up a climb that both meet the pre-defined requirements, if you deviate off the main path it would autocorrect to show the remaining length/gradient for the alternate route you’ve taken.

I’d just like to have the option to switch to a more ‘no-frills’ & easy to glance at minimalist map.

Yes, or to play the audio via Bluetooth to headphones so you don’t even need to look down at the map to know the next turn


Without running navigation my 530 knows where I am and will generate alerts when there is hard turn ahead. So it could ‘see’ an upcoming climb - most of the climbs I do are in areas without bailouts so its fair to assume you are going to continue riding forward and start ClimbPro. Right?

Already there

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A sharp turn is a single point that is a set distance in front of you. It’s not looking that far ahead. Climb pro is a segment that could be a few miles long with multiple options of how it can go.

Showing a much longer climb from the section you plan to do means you may not get the details you were hoping for. Or if the climb includes a road segment you really wouldn’t want to bike on (traffic, surface quality, etc) this surface would basically be challenging people to do it anyway. (Strava had removed segments for this reason)

Or tie Climbpro to Strava segments if I’m not on a route. That is another piece of information for what I intend to do.

For me, I’d like:

  • configuration via an app on my phone or web
  • Battery status for anything that has a battery. If I have independent l/r power meters, then show me battery status for each
  • better responsiveness
  • Solar would be nice to have
  • higher resolution screen
  • The ability to check firmware versions for all sensors attached
  • Separate data pages from profiles - I should be able to create a page, and attach that page to how many different profiles I have
  • the ability to set certain defaults - e.g., bike, profile, etc. - based upon the presence of a specific sensor. If the Garmin is controlled my road bike power meter, then set the bike to road bike
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You can do this already through the sensors menu. Note that sensors typically only send this secondary information once a minute or so, so there can be a delay until it shows up on the head unit.